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Tinnitus, dry lips, occasional mild head, neck and ear pain, sensitive teeth

Hi guys, I'm M/38, and presently experiencing constant low tinnitus in both ears (now for more than 2 weeks), non-frequent pain of the following: teeth and jaw sensitivy, mild pain/pressure of head (back of head, side of ears randomly, top of skull), dry lips, sweating hands and feet (i am not sure if it is because of the cold weather here in the Philippines). Just to add, I have this congested feeling in my nose ( sometimes in the left and sometimes in the right nasal) for I guess, more than 5 years) but no discharge of anything.

Just to share my story, I got sick last July or August 2012 and felt my eyes will pop-out everytime I tried to bend my head forward. Went to a doctor and diagnosed me as having allergic rhinitis. The doc prescribed coamoxiclav (250mg), decongestant, and Montelukast for allergy and took it for weeks and I got better.

Then just this December 20 2012, I felt I'm having a flu and didn't go to work and Dec 24 just before Christmas, I decided to go a hospital but since it was a holiday here in the country, I was checked by personnel in emergency and told I have a nasal infection. (Just to add: when i got home, a friend told me to get my nose checked in a lab for i might have a sinus cancer for he knows someone who got diagnosed with sinus cancer. And that freaked me out a bit. I might get anxiety because ofmit tho not sure) Again, they gave me same amoxiclav (500mg this time), and a decongestant but nothing for allery this time. I started taking the medicine on the same day. But on the 26th, I woke and noticed I already have tinnitus. I continued to finished the medication for 1 week. I felt better with regards to nasal problem after completing them but the tinnitus remains.

I've waited til after New Year and last Jan 6, I again decided to go to an ENT for a checkup, I felt frustrated during that session because the doctor only asked me what I am only feeling as of that moment and not hearing any story of how or when it started or history of any infections, etc.. so I told him that I have tinnitus, looked at my ears and saw that my eardrums are both normal. What he did was referred me to go for hearing and imbalance test without giving any medication.

And so I did go to a different and one of expensive hospital in the country the next day for the test (pure tone and another one with speech recog and with some apparatus to insert in my ears), the results are normal. And right after taking the tests, I decided to go to a different ENT doctor on the same hospital for another checkup and test result reading. And this time, I got what I expected to see from a doctor, he asked me of any background, listened to my stories, looked in both of my ears, checked my nose and throat, and found nothing wrong. The doctor gave me a prescription of gingko bilova and another vitamin B that should be taken for a week and that I should go back to him when completed. And that's so far the last check-up I had and scheduled to complete the medication til monday morning. Definitely I am going back to that same doctor on monday for a followup check up.

As of this posting, I still have tinnitus and experiencing the mentioned problems, in short, medications given has no effect? I just want to add that I started to drink plenty of water now, and felt I am urinating frequently than before. I dont know if it's because of the water im taking.

Any new suggestion of tests that I should take or things to be done and/or needs to be aware of.

Hope all of us get the treatment we need to get better.
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Hi guys.

Tinnitus still present. Went back to my doctor 3 days ago for the followup after completing medication. He did another test on me: using this metal thing with camera hechecked my ears (normal), with same tool he checked my nose deep to I can see my throat looking for tumor (normal) , checked my sinuses by touching / pressing it (normal)

So the doctor told me taking the meds for only 1 wk might be too short to make its effect and so he prescribed me the same meds now for another 2 wks tho making dose of ginko 1 tab a from 2 times a day.

I just want to add that I am hearing a sound when I turn my head to the left or right the popping sound is at the back of my head like a muscle tension or something.

Do you think guys I should ask for a mri or ct scan? Thanks
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Thanks for the response. According to the ENT doc during my last visit, there is no problem with my sinuses after looking at it. Today was my schedule to go back to him since i already completed the prescribed medications and the tinnitus was still here. I will post again later for update.

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Millions of people ( including myself ) have tinnitus. There is no know cause or cure. It can be caused by a bump to the head, loud noises, etc. If you work near computers all the time, I would think that to be the cause...or at least something that is making it worse. Not sure about the computers you work around, but I know that every computer I've ever been around emits loud, high pitch noises. The fans I guess. Hearing this for several years could cause damage to the ears.
However, as I said above, they don't know exactly what causes it.

As for the sinuses...when you find out, let me know. I have been suffering all my life. It started when I was 6...the removed my adenoids...this was just the beginning of things to come. I have spent numerous hours with ENT's, doctors, etc and not one of them can come to a conclusion.

I do know that Claritin nose spray works quite well...but you can only use it for a maximum of three days. But on the days you do use it....WOW!!! It's like being in a whole new body! Life is so good for those three days!!!

I tend to use nasal rinses on the worst days. Just don't use them too often or they won't work...just like nasal sprays. Using a humidifier at night seems to help.
As for the tinnitus...I sleep with a small stuffed dog that plays music and environmental noises. Helps to drown the tinnitus noises out so that I can sleep.
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By the way guys, i am a programmer/web developer. I have been working in front of the computer since my 20's.
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