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I recently went to an ENT and my diagnose was tinnitus however I think i was misdiagnosed because my ear is not ringing or making sounds like ticking or buzzing. or anything at all.  For little over 2 months now my left ear has had a tingling feeling that occurs at random times everyday which last around 10 seconds. After doing some research I have found this type of sensation to be called paresthesia.

Also had my ear checked for infection or wax build up but they said my ear is completely clean. Never prolonged exposure to loud sounds without wearing protection including headphones.

Doctor pretty much told me there is nothing they can really do to treat tinnitus.  I am just worried this could be something more serious any suggestions?  
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If you suffer from tinnitus there are probably many possible causes.  Hopefully it will go away.

I'm only suggesting that you look into allergies because (a) it's easy and (b) that was the cause of my tinnitus, but I had worse symptoms too.

I suggest you check for standard type-1 (IgE) allergies to food and your local environment, that is a possible & likely cause of such mild symptoms (worst case, see my Journal entry and web site link on type-3 (IgG) food allergies which was the cause in my case)
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I would not worry about it UNLESS you develop any other strange symptoms. The tingling could mean something (I don't know what), but I don't think doctors will take an isolated paresthesia seriously until and unless other stuff starts happening. Doesn't sound like tinnitus to me, either! Tinnitus is NOT tingling.

Keep your PCP informed of any new symptoms. If you get any other significant ear or face symptoms, you may need an MRI and maybe a neurology referral, but hopefully that won't happen.
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