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Very Specific Ear Symptoms - ENT has not been able to explain. Please Help

Hello all

would really appreciate any feedback on the following with suggestions and explanation of of potential cause(s) and ideas of treatment.

I have constant pulsatile tinnitus caused by the use of an otovent device 13 months ago. The tinnitus started immediately after use of the device and has not stopped since

Immediately following the use of the device my hearing dropped considerably (and has stayed at the same level)

in the mornings and through the night swallowing causes an increased loudness in the tinnitus
the Valsalva manoeuvre causes an increase in loudness of the tinnitus

bending forwards increases symptom severity

pulling ear lobe increases tinnitus

On travelling uphill (in a car on relatively gentle slopes) the ear always feels more blocked, swallowing becomes painful. These problems are associated with a slight DECREASE in pressure which seem at odds with a typical eustachian tube dysfunction which I understand causes problems on descent (increase of pressure)

On driving downhill the problems always recede

Same problems on walking up a steep hill

Same problems lying horizontally (on my front or back)

every morning- issues are worse

Pops and crackle sounds when opening mouth and yawning .

Diagnosed with acid reflux
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Have you been checked for Eustachian tube dysfunction? A lot of this sounds similar to what I've experienced with it, especially the ear fullness and pressure issues. It can cause tinnitus/make it worse. If you are diagnosed with it, sometimes it can be corrected with a simple surgery in which they balloon the eustachian tubes. Personally, I ended up getting tubes placed for mine as that didn't work for me, but my ears are exceptionally weird and wonky.
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Doctors diagnose almost everyone in a western country with acid reflux.  It's a dietary problem and is unrelated to your tinnitus.  As for that, don't see the ENT who performed the procedure that you think caused it.  See a a different specialist who wasn't possibly involved in causing the problem.
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