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What could be causing constant lightheadedness and clogged ears?

Got the past month I've had constant lightheadedness and clogged ears. I've tried 3 different antibiotics for sinus infection. Also tried flonase, allegra, and Sudafed. Nothing seems to help. I feel pressure mostly in my forehead. I don't have any congestion with mucus or anything. I've had a sinus x-ray, CT scan, and MRI, which were all fine and showed nothing wrong with sinuses. I usually clean my ears out with a q tip after showering. I used to get some wax out, however, after this started, I can't get any wax out. I've also tried debrox with no results. I've racked up so much in medical bills trying to get an answer because I just can't seem to enjoy anything anymore feeling like this and it's constant. I think I remember my mother saying that I had to have tubes in my ears when I was a baby. Not sure if that may be an indication to anything or not. Please help!
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So, this ear fullness and dizziness could be your inner ear (where no q tip can or should go).  I had this and they said it may have started for me with a virus.  Anyway, what helped was a ear nose and throat doctor recommending backward ear popping.  Hold nose, blow out and your ears will pop.  I had eustacian tube dysfunction and this helped the situation.  I did the reverse popping often.  See if that works at all for you.  
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This help me with the reverse popping , help so I could hear even though I have fluid in my ear.  Will continue Flonase  but this is helping my hearing to return.
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