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What is this bump in my throat? Why can't my doctor see it?


The link is the picture with an arrow pointing to my concerned. I didn't have the picture at the appointment because I thought the doctor would clearly see it. But it looks like it's puss filled. In office strep negative.

ENT symptoms
-ears hurt (months)
-nasal pain with every breath (months)
-occasionally sharp pain in neck with breath(months)
- eyes water with certain facial movements (years)
- drainage (a week)
-snoring (days)
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That's always frustrating when doctors do not give us answers!  I'm glad it wasn't strep but they say they see NOTHING?  I looked at your photo and are you talking about the hazy white area of the bubbly watery area?  Either way, one thing I think of is perhaps a tonsil stone? https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/tonsil-stones-tonsilloliths-treatment-and-prevention#1  You definitely  have the symptoms of it with ear pain, etc.  Check out that article and see what you think?  
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