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yellow fluid from nose?

For the past 6 years,after a minor head injury,yellow fluid will pour ut of my nose, it feels like a nose bleed, its yellow though.  It happens about once a year, The first time I was tackled and the back of my head hit the ground really hard, when i stood up, i thought i had a nose bleed, but it was yellowe fluid, not like snot at all, it was like yellow water, the next year i hit my head on a trampoline bar, same thing happened, next i hit my head on the ground during a stunt at cheer practice, another time if was after i was doing back flips.. which was weird, and my senior year of highschool, i was hit in th head with a basketball, what was weird about this time is that it didnt come out of my nose for about an hour later.  This hasnt happened again for 2 years, and I went to an amusment park the other day, riding a lot of rollercoasters where the back of my head was being pounded, the next night the fluid came out again, This time it happened 4 times in one night and twice the next day, that had never happened before... But it is always after some sort of head injury, and mine is never after a cold.. I have no clue what it could be,.. but since it happened so many times the other night i was prepared for it to happen, so i caught some in a container, and I may take it to my doctor...

Does anyone know what it could be?
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Definitely take this "fluid" to your physician ASAP.  I would also request imaging of your head as well related to all the "hits" and accidents with your head.  You might have a CSF leak or something abnormal is going on with your sinuses.  
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I would take it to you doctor....for sure. I have an idea but I am not a doctor.... I would however suggest you talk to your doctor about this...
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