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Can I stop the hunger pain. I don't want to binge any more.

I'm an adult that binge eats. The more I eat the more I need to binge to stop the hunger pain and small meals more often leave me more hungry. Then I'm forced to stop because the sharp pains of my stomach stretching is more painful than the over whelming hunger. After that I get a short period of not being hungry.

Sometimes I force my self not to eat (liquids only) for 10 hours then I feel very full and no hunger at all, no desire to eat what so ever after that and no hunger pain, nothing. That has to mean something?

I battle this every day, and loose every day. If I could just make the hunger go away I would be able to eat normal meals and say ok this is enough.

I'm healthy, no parasites, no fast flowing bowls, not trying to loose or gain weight. Just dealing with intense hunger.

Am I alone?
Advice please...
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I've just had a meal, felt my stomach full and stretching. Stopped. The meal was normal, healthy and stopped at the right point. Then the hunger pain well which most definitely isn't hunger just is pain got stronger and found my self in the kitchen 5 more times looking for food. I guess it's going to take more time to get used to this but I didn't eat more.

I'm used to eating 5 meals at once it doesn't feel normal to stop eating. The pain in the stomach hurts, my brain is signaling me to EAT. But I know this pain is not hunger. I'm only thinking why does it hurt rather than why am I hungry.

I don't know, maybe over eating has been starting a never ending cycle of stretching my stomach causing this pain leading me to believe I am hungry to keep the cycle going. And going it has... years. It stops here, not because I am stronger now, but because I know it's not hunger and I'm only hurting my self by helping it hurt more by over eating. But no more over eating since it doesn't take away the stomach hurt. It's going to hurt (hunger pain) whether I eat or not, so the concept of over eating to make the pain go away doesn't work. My brain will figure that out eventually and the desire to over eat will go away completely I guess.

I keep telling my self no, don't eat any more. You're full. That's not hunger pain, it's just stomach pain. That's been working. My brain hasn't completely caught on yet since still it's signaling me to EAT. Pain = Hunger... But I know that's not the case and hunger is not why my stomach hurts.

Oddly, eating less = less pain. Yea, it wasn't just oh, ok no more eating. It's still hard as long as my brain signals eat to stop the pain. But knowing it's not hunger is enough to enable my will power to stop.
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It's stomach pain. I used to think it was hunger and would eat to stop the hunger pain but that's not it. It's not hunger pain. Once I realized that it, became just pain, not hunger. The desire to eat is completely gone. But the pain is still there. I know it's not hunger now and at least over eating is solved. I've searched this on the gastro forum and almost exactly as I described many others worded it so very similar I thought it was my posts. I also didn't care what I ate as long as it filled my stomach to make the feeling in my belly go away.

If you are over eating, binge eating to relieve hunger that also has burning or pain after you eat, maybe it's not hunger? Once you realize it's a stomach condition and not hunger the desire to eat may go away. My mouth was cleaning out the fridge, freezer and pantry like a vacuum hose. Anything to stop the hunger pain, of which now I realize was never hunger just pain. Mine is a medical issue (stomach discomfort) not a mental hunger issue, finally I understand that. And the urge to eat faded away.

I don't know why my belly hurts or how to fix it, but at least excessive over eating is resolved.
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