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I don't want to be hospitalized

Straight to the point: How far underweight is a person when they are hospitalized for anorexia typically? I would like to avoid that ever happening. Im 19. 5'6 and use to weigh 130. But now I'm 108. Its hard for me to admit I have anorexia, because I just don't think I'm bad enough... My doctors took note the other month that was was loosing weight and underweight, and she knows I have an ED. But luckily she didn't worry much. (my mom use to be her coworker, so she probable thinks my mom is taking care of me)
Back to my question, at what weight should I start worrying about being considered for hospitalization or treatment?
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it depends more on your heart rate and blood pressure, it's what weight brings those to dangerous levels. you're already pretty underweight, and the mental part is the main thing. i was in a residential and there were people coming in at healthy weights who needed to be there just as much as those of us who were underweight. long story short, you need to ask your doctor for what they think, but they only way to avoid being hospitalized is to recover. this being said, hospitals help a lot in recovery
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