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Ive been having weird symptoms in my recovery and its scarying me.

Im a 20 year old male.I have been bulimic for 7-8 years and have recently been in recovery. I have been bulimic free for 4 months yet im still getting symptoms. For one I've been getting chest pains for 2 months both my doctor and chiropractor have told me its costochondritis, and a chest X ray showed nothing. I also have been having general abdominal pain which have my doctors confused because a CT scan showed nothing, and all my blood work xame back fine. For my mouth I have been having tonsile stones and constant bad breath no matyer how many times I brush, I also have this oddd feling at the back of my throat. It doesn't hurt it just feels werid, and the only time i dont feel it is when I'm eatting, also lately I'vebeen having the feeling of constantly needing to clear my throat. Finally, and I dont know if  this is connected, but I've also been having ear ringing and ear pain (i feel the pain sometimes when swallowing) Told this to 3 different doctors all said my ears look fine, and they haven't mentioned it since. This is long I know, but I'm at my wits end. The symptoms wont stop,and there is just so many of them Im sure I even forgot a few. I just want to have my life go back to normal. Appreciate anything you can tell me.
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