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Medication and Eating Question

I have medication and eating concerns. I've gained 10 pounds in 3 months, eating candy bars and Ben and Jerry's icecream every night. I also have high cholesterol and triglycerides. I was stress eating, because I moved across country to a new state. I'm trying to break the habit and become a vegan. But, I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's again tonight. My dad, uncle and aunt are now all vegans. They are suggesting this as an option for me. I want to try it.

Medication-wise, I'm bipolar with asperger's syndrome. I take lamictal 350 mg; Klonopin 2 mg; Zoloft (now 100 mg, 2 days ago it was 150 mg); Abilify 15 mg; propanolol 20 mg. Just added: Wellbutrin 225 mg (to stop smoking)

This may seem complicated!

My GP changed my zoloft dose and added the wellbutrin, so I could stop smoking. I called my psychiatrist, who panicked and wanted me to come in right away. I have an appt on Tues. She was concerned about manic cycling. Well, I'm doing nothing but sleep, just about. I am always tired on the Wellbutrin and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Could it just be withdrawal from 150 to 100 mg of zoloft? Right now, I feel nauseous, from overeating and from being a walking pharmacy.

I have a serious problem with emotional eating and may consider your book, esp. since you are a vegan? Do I have that right? Mainly, I want to know why Wellbutrin is making me so tired. Thanks.
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Thank you. Yes, I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow to find out what my pdoc thinks about all this tiredness I have, which has increased since adding the wellbutrin.
I do have a therapist. I see her twice a week. I also have a weekly support group for Asperger's Syndrome. So, I'm taking care of that. I had a sleep study on Thursday, maybe sleep apnea is causing my problems. I'll know as soon as I get back the results. Until then, I'm considering trying your program.
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You will get the right answers tomorrow, but for today let me say I do not think the lower dose of zoloft will cause that much sleeping....I do think you should seriously  address the emotional eating, and also add some psychotherapy rather than another medication, with your psychiatrist...that always helps.
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