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Recovering anorexic. Haven't got my period back yet.

I'm a recovering anorexic. I was diagnosed in late January and was in hospital for a month.  Everything is going great, I put weight on every time I go in for a check up and my pulse deficit is usually under 30. I'm now in the normal weight range, and have been for a bit over a week, but I haven't got my period back. Will it come back? And if it doesn't, will I be able to have children when I'm older? I worry that I won't be able to...
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( I am also in Recovery)I also was diagnosed way back in july of 09' I  got back to my healthy weight within 2 months and my period did not come back until January of 2010. It has been the most regualr it has ever been (probably because I've had Eating Disorders since I was 12 when I first got my period) It is regular but it did take a while to come back, I was really relieved when it came back. Just stick to your meal plan and stay in your helthy weight range :) It will come back!
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I am happy to hear that you are in recovery and hopefully soon enough you will be fully recovered and free of eating disorder symtpoms. When I lost my period for 2 years from bulimia it took about half a year after I stopped binging/purging/restricting I started getting spotting and then two months after that I finally had a period. It wasn't regular either at first and it came with 2 month intervals and it was just unpredictable. Either way now I have a normal monthly cycle and my gyno tells me everything looks normal. It will come back as long as you keep taking care of yourself, eating well, and are feeling strong. The body is surprisingly resilient and will eventually repair itself if you are patient. As far as having children goes, I cannot see why you wouldn't be able to have children. The eating disorder behavior effects your GI tract and obviously your mental health and the loss of your period is just from the stress the disease had on your body. Get rid of the stress of an eating disorder and you will not only get your period back (eventually), but you will get your life back! Good luck and take care
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