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To hungry to eat?

Hi, Im a recovering ANA/MIA . Lately I havent had an appetite. I know I need to eat, but when Im not hungry and try to force it I just feel sick. How can I teach my body to recognize HUNGER again?

Thank you
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As a previous anorexic I had an irregular eating routine. This caused me to be unable to tell wether or not I needed to eat. But what I did is eat a small portion for each meal, and little snacks in between. If you honestly feel to sick for it then try drinking something that fills you up or don't eat the meal but eat a slightly bigger snack later. Gradually increase your portions until they're healthy for you. Also, look up what daily servings of fruits, grains, etc. you should be getting on myplate.com this site also tells you what calorie intake is healthy for your body, but don't start counting calories. I did this once and relapsed. Just pay attention to fiber, protein, sodium, and other important ingredients. Hope this helped and good luck <3
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Thanks for the advice (:  
I'll check it out!
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