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balanced eating

I don,t eat vegetables, they make me throw up even when I was on baby food. Are most diets chemically balance. If I follow a diet elimating the vegetables it doesn't work.  I have had gastric by pass in 1998. I can only eat small portions. I am fat because my food choices are poor. Hunger isn,t an issue, I don't think I have ever been hungry, I eat for emotional reasons.  I can usally fast for 3-5 days and don't get hungry, I know this just makes my metabolism crazy so I don;t any more. My depression is clinical, my life is mostly happy, Supportive and healthy and loving children, finaninally OK and when I get deeply depressed it is so frustrating cause I can't think of a reason
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I think you know that I wrote a book about emotional eating, which is the cause of your  being fat even after surgery. Emotional eating is also linked to depression, and the way to finally master your depression is to learn the pause technique that we teach that helps you learn why you overeat, and helps you deal with the root causes directly.  Try the 12 week program at www.shrinkyourself.com....be good to yourself and learn how to stop emotional eating.
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