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eating disorders

Would this be considered an eating disorder? And if so, which one and what treatment/therapy/help might be available?

Significant weight loss, but with-in normal weight. -75 pounds with in 3-5 months.

Restrictive eating 200-500 calories a day.  
Compulsive eating 1-2 week, mostly healthy foods, fruits, veggies, eggs, dairy. 600-700 calories.
Binging 1-2 a month, Nutella, peanut butter, wheat thins. 900+
Exercise 90 minutes-2 hours a day.

Feeling the need to eat the higher calorie food in the fridge to get rid of them. Occasionally chew and spit.
Exercise compulsively, running and biking to earn calories when not eating much and to burn calories when more is eaten.
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Not knowing more of the facts or details and knowing no one can diagnose you but a trained medical professional based on what I have seen, read and experienced I would say EDNOS

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