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why won't they just HELP ME?

I've been seen by 4 doctors, 3 psycologists and hell knows who else.
How do I just say "I'm sick of being refered and shoved to other people?"

why wont the psycology help?

I've been anorexic for over a year now, but in recovering alone became bulemic. I'm scared whitless to be honest, because whether i restric or not between the binge purging cycle, i can't find other ways to cope when my triggers come along. I cant shift the anxiety and anti-depressants dont do the whole job.

im sick of trying, looking for other ways to get help or try. It's so hard to draw a line under the past.
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are you going to ea meetings? i have started working the steps on my eating issues and its getting better
i found little help through psyciatry
most of them are there just to write you a script or a referal
i will let you know what i get from the support group
i would rather listen to someone who has had a eating disorder than someone who has read about it in a book
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hey ive had these words in my head for the last 8 years i got passed onto a dietion which i didnt need i needed therapy then blood tests and then wen i went to therapy i lost lots of weight but I couldnt go through with it because i was scared to lose anymore weight but yes ive not found ne help for 8 years and still having trouble now :(
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