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Empty uterus possible corpus blah blah right overy hcg level drop

Try to make a long story short.. Found out I was pregnant at 3weeks (5 going by the 2 they add on) went into hosp doctor as was a weekend a week later 4weeks (6 with 2 they add on) with bad abdominal pain and very light dark brown spotting had bloods taken sent home and told to come back mon for transvaginal scan and more bloods, scan showed empty uterus but a cyst on ovary possible corpus luteum (?spelling) doc rung today and said my hcg levels had dropped to 400 that they were happy I wasn't ectopic and to forward any questions I have to my gp Ph hung up, am somewhat confused, if it was a miscarriage I would be bleeding, if it was ectopic I wouldn't have dropped hcg levels, I'm overdue for my period by 2 weeks still have manageable pain and have made a doc app but was just wondering what/if anybodies thoughts are on this
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