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had an ectopic pregnancy & i got it removed on june 8 , 2011 . i started bleeding on june 12th & its kinda heavy . should i still be bleeding or should it have stopped ?
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hi sweetie sorry you are going through this but I know what it is like and yes it is normal to be bleeding this excess stuff for a few days up to a week, and it can lighten up or get heavy. It all depends on the procedure and what the dr actually took out to during the procedure. i just had my 2nd ectopic in March. You are more than welcome to look at my ovulation tracker and notice how long I bleed in both times. The first one was last sep. good luck and message me if you have any more questions
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hi there,
first of all sorry for your loss i too went threw the same thing and i bled for about a week and a half after getting it removed
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