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ectopic in right tube and no ovulation in left ovary

i had an ectopic pregnancy in the right tube, three years back. i had to undergo a surgery and doctors removed my right tube. . i was also being treated for tubourclosis after one year of my ectopic. now i am ttc from last one and a half years . my all harmonal tests are normal. i am having regular peroids too.but after all medications i am nt having positive results. actually, what problem my doctors have diagnosed is that the formation of egg is in the right ovary in 95% of the times, even though my left ovary is normal. and because right tube has been removed so there are no chances of fertilization in that case. Is there any technique or medication by which we can make the ovulation to be more in the left ovary? i am also not having the problem of PCOS in either side.
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I know this is a very old post but I just wanted to let you or anyone else who reads this know that I had an ectopic in June of this year and they removed my left tube. In Nov I found out I was pregnant again. Because I had had an ectopic in the past they did an ultrasound at 6 weeks to make sure this pregnancy was not ectopic as well. When they did the ultrasound they could see the corpus luteum on my left ovary. So I had in fact ovulated from the side without a tube and the other tube had picked up the egg!  I was told this could happen but never dreamed it actually would. So to all those out there who have one missing or damaged tube, don't give up hope!
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This is definitely a question for your doctor, but I wonder... what if they removed your right ovary? You would think that if they removed that ovary (since there is no tube below) that you would still need to ovulate and have a cycle every month so maybe the left ovary would have to do all the work? I'm not sure, but let me know what the doctors say.
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