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ectopic pregnancy & possible new pregnancy?

I have a question. My LMP was 2/16 and discovered that I was pregnant via blood test on 03/15.  My HCG's were fairly low in the beginning 40, 63, 186, 430...then I thought I miscarried (bleeding and passed clots) but after I beleived I miscarried my hcg went up to 1765, then 2942, then 4961.  Had three ultrasounds and nothing found in uterus. ):
So on 04/08 I had methrotrexate.  My numbers went up to 6324, and then back down to 4422 and last monday it was 2900.  My question is: can you get pregnant BEFORE your hcg goes back down to 0? I have been very nauseous and dizzy for three days.  I stopped bleeding over a week ago.  Now have like creamy discharge as I did before back in early March.  I had another hcg today and will not know the results until tomorrow. I did call my doctor and explain I had some early pregnancy symptoms.  I was told on 04/23 by my OB to STOP having unprotected sex.  OK, I am sorry even though I am a fairly intelligent woman, my OB did not share what I was NOT supposed to do.  I guess my bf and I thought well we don't have to be careful because my body still THINKS it is pregnant.  Can someone help dispell my doubts that I am pregnant?  
Just so you know my pregnancy that was ectopic was not planned but VERY wanted.  
Thank you
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Sorry to hear about your loss. :( Was that your first pregnancy? From what I've read, you're hcg levels have to go back down to 0 for you to even ovulate and get pregnant. And they say it can take up to six weeks for your hcg levels to get there. So as for your nauseasness and being dizzy, that very well could be a pregnancy symptom. But a leftover symptom. It takes your body a little bit to realize it is no longer pregnant. So I don't think you're pregnant but I'm just basing that opinion on things that I've read and heard which isn't exactly hard facts. But keep me updated, I'm interested to hear how it pans out. Are you and your boyfriend going to do the ttc route? My ectopic wasn't exactly planned either, but also very wanted. And that just made us realize how much we really do want a baby. If you are ttc I wish you the best of luck!!
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Well my hcg is still going down.  It was 168 just recently, so I guess I am not pregnant.  I assume that I want to be pregnant so badly I just feel that way.  Well and I still have the hormones of pregnancy.  I just want this to be over.  I had the shot on 04/08.  It will be a month two days from now since I had the shot.
My boyfriend and I were not trying to have a baby, but it happened.  Before I got pregnant he did not want anymore kids.  I have one child and he has two children.  But since the ectopic he has changed his mind I think about possibly trying.
My problem is I really want to try!  
I feel very lost and alone.  Most everyone in my support circle have already moved on and I am sure do not think about this.  (well not like i expect them to!) but i think about this everyday.  I cry myself to sleep because that may have been my last pregnancy.  I am going to be 40 in a few months.  My boyfriend is 34.  
Sometimes I pray that this is a nightmare or a mistake and I will wake up and be 12 weeks pregnant which is where I would have been if the baby would have made it to my uterus.
Thanks for your comments.  
Also, I am wondering when will i get my period now that my hcg was 168 this past Monday.  I thought for sure it would be 0 by now.  It was going down pretty fast.  Everytime I talk to the nurse and they give me my hcg numbers it is like reality all over again.  Maybe I should have had surgery.
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