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pain! ectopic? miscarriage? endometriosis?

This is my first time posting, but I've been dealing with a pain in my left lower abdomen for the past year. It started actually last January, and has continued with a duller pain at certain times in my cycles since then. The doctors haven't been able to give me any answers, despite all the tests I've had done... here's the sorry:
We had been trying for a few months when I started having pregnancy symptoms last January. I had thought I was pregnant before, but this time I had symptoms I've never experienced any other time in my life. Most notably, a strong sensitivity to smells and nausea after eating with a sense of feeling too full after eating very little.
Anyways, one evening, I started feeling a dull crampy pain Pinon my left side. Thinking it was probably implantation cramping, I ignored it at first. It got a little worse over the next couple weeks. I tested at what I would've thought was 6 weeks and got a BFN. At this point I was getting concerned so I went to my GP. Blood test for hgc came back negative, internal ultrasound and ct scan with dye showed nothing. Went to OBGYN, was told I had ureaplasma bacteria, was give an antibiotic which cleared that up but didn't help my symptoms. I am a massage therapist, and the pain kept me out of work and in bed for a good month. I couldn't drive bc pushing the clutch in my kfast hurt, I couldn't lift things, couldn't move.
Finally one night, around what I thought would have been 8 wks, I started my "period." It was completely different than anything I've ever experienced. Sooooo painful, and sooo heavy. I was waking up almost every hour all night from the pain and having to change my pad. I swear once when I was cleaning myself I saw a tiny fleshy colored dot in all red and couldn't help wondering if it was my baby... sorry if tmi, it just made me really sad...
Anyways, still having pain after that I went back to the ob and told her, but she said I was never pregnant or it would have come up on the blood test, and she didn't know what it could be at this point, and sent me to a gastroenterologist. Colonoscopy showed nothing. After that, I was so upset at being poked and prodded and spending all this money on tests and not getting any answers that I just gave up on figuring out what is wrong and living with the pain.
Now, it bothers me during AF and a few days before I ovulate. We have not been able to conceive, and I worry one of my tubes might be damaged. Could this have been ruptured ectopic pregnancy? If so could my chances of getting pregnant be gradually getting worse from not doing anything?
My sister had endometriosis and they wanted to give her a gull hysterectomy at 19... could I have that? Could it have ast acute onset like I experienced??
I had type two diabetes and PCOS when I was younger but it hasn
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