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Donor eggs costs

Hi all,

Not sure if this group is still active or not, but going to give this a try.  My husband and I are starting to look into donor eggs.  I'm 43 and still conceive rather easily, but we keep miscarrying. We very much want a second child, and honestly, I could care less if it's genetically "mine" or not.  So this seems to be a good option for us.  We are Canadian, so in order to do this will more then likely have to travel to the US.  There are several clinics there that work with International couples, and they don't seem to have increased charges for us.  So, what I am wondering is what your process cost app?  And did anyone do a shared donor?  Also, any tips or suggestions with clinics, etc. would be very welcome.  I'm not even sure where to start right now.  Thanks so much.
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It will vary so interview a few clinics via phone to see what they offer and at what cost.  Also look at the CDC site under ART and you will find success rates- they are a little out of date but at least it is something!  Best wishes and email me if I can provide any more info!
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There's a pregnant egg donor recipient I'm friends w/ who lives in Canada and she had her treatment there. So you may not need to travel to the US?

I had my treatments in San Francisco and it was about 30K-ish for me, donor cycle, donor meds & her anesthesia. And I'm sitting here with my one week old son asleep in my arms and have to tell you, it's the best money I've ever spent! :-)

Best of luck!
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Do NOt leave canada to have this done THAT will cost you a fortune. I live in Toronto and had everything done at my clinic and used a shared donor egg cycle. i am now 44 and 24 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins. I can answer ALL of your questions. Where abouts in canada do you live.  My clinic in toronto is affiliated with Canadian Fertility Consulting Phone: 613-439-8701 email: ***@**** I will email you my phone number and we can talk further. Cost for eggs alone was about 3500 i believe..no leagal fees or anything else...clinic fees and drugs for donor are extra.

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