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What should I do

I have a little girl she is three she turns four July 18 and I would like to be completely potty trained by the end of the summer because in the fall when school starts she starts kindergarde I have been working with her on it for a while now but she still going potty every were else but in her potty what should I do
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She is going to kindergarten at age 4?  That seems very early, in our school district they have them start at age 5.  It sounds like she is not ready for potty training right now... I'm sorry but it's up to her, not to you, no matter how anxious you are getting about it.  And if she is peeing all over, it sounds like the subject is getting to be anxious for her.  Can you lighten up and put her into pullups without any more fuss about the subject for a while?  You can't "make" her be ready.  Some of the readiness is physical and some of it is emotional and some of it is in reasoning power, and all of those come together for kids when they come together, and not before, no matter what mommy wants.

Go to the library or bookstore and get their best book on potty training and do what it says.  There are some good ones, they include readiness lists (examples, the child is not ready if she can't recognize the need in time to get to the bathroom, or can't manage the fasteners on her clothes, or is not yet able to curb the impulse to keep playing when she notices the urge if she does notice it.)  Get one of those books, and study it, and see if there is some obvious place where the approach you have been trying is doing the opposite of what the expert says to do.

I can can wait  for a while but when we started this  whole thing she was really excited about and wanted to do it
That's a nice thing, try to stay relaxed.  Get the book, they are really full of good ideas.
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