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17 and at wits end

I am posting this in the hope that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and can help.

Ever since I got my first period at 12 it has been hell. Every time I got a period I would end up in the emergency room because the bleeding and pain were so out of control. I have seen probably 10 GP's and now 6 GYN and no one is offering any explanation. I've been put on the birth control pill continuously since the age of 14, meaning I have no period. Only one type of $90 pill will stop the bleeding. I have also been put on every other hormone and drug at the doctor's disposal including the mirena.

Anyway after recently bleeding for 3 months straight after a GP decided to change my pill, I am back on the pill and the bleeding has stopped but even on the pill I deal with crippling pelvic pain on a day to day basis. The doctor believes I have endo and possible poly cystic ovaries due to my hormone levels.

Basically after all of this time no doctor will do any investigation into what is going on. I had one doctor initially who wanted to do a laparoscopy but was shut down by the surgeon because 'I probably just had a UTI'. The pain is so intense it effects my ability to use the restroom but I have been tested time and time again and it is not a bladder issue.

Sorry for the length of this post but I feel like no one will do anything. I was told by one doctor to 'come back when I want to get pregnant' and thats it. There has been no investigation done into what is causing all these symptoms and it greatly effects my daily life.
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I am not a doctor ... but it does sound suspicious for endometriosis.  You state that the doctor believes you might have endometriosis... but he isn't willing to find out? That is pretty terrible.  Have you have had any ultrasounds performed?  I know you might be tired of going back and forth... but trying to find a place that possibly specializes in endo, might be beneficial.  
Nobody should have to suffer with pelvic pain every day.  

Sorry I couldn't offer more advice, but definitely finding the right MD or Nurse Practitioner is your best bet.

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please get your records to an endometriosis excision specialist they will help you! Your Dr's are obviously NOT qualified to manage your disease as this definitely sounds like endometriosis and a true specialist can go in diagnose and excise saving you from multiple surgeries

also go here for up to date current medical research on this disease...share it with your dr., get your records off to a specialist for review which most do for free...take back your life by seeing someone who can actually help you rather then dismiss you! I was in your shoes over 25 years ago and so wish I had access to information as it is available today it would have made my story much different and so much better!
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