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Can adhesions or cysts block a menstrual cycle?

I am 38 years old  with a history of ovarian cysts & endometriosis. I haven't had a period in four months now. I have never had irregular periods before even with the endo.  Had 2 surgeries to remove adhesions and 1 to remove a softball sized hemmoragic cyst.
Doctor says I am not in perimenopause either. I have pain at my left ovary, clear discharge, and blood clots have come out during a bowel movement.  Aside from feeling bloated and basically horrible the pain is becoming worse. Oh, I am not pregnant.
Could there be something  blocking the blood from releasing??
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Are you on any sort of medications at all even if they are not related to Endo?

When was your most recent Ultrasound?
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I am on medication for seizures, also levothyroxine. I have been on those for many years. I am 99% sure it is not a thyroid related thing.  I did start a new med this year for high blood pressure (lisinopril) .

I checked for side effects on the lisinopril and for prescription meds interactions, none of them should cause my menstrual cycle to stop.
I have an appointment with the doctor in January, but I wanted to know if I should get help sooner than that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I will report back after my appointment :)  
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I have a fellow Endosister who didn't get a period for 8 months. There was no rhyme or reason and she is still trying to find out why. I am thinking possible cysts but not sure but I will ask on a certain Endo board to see if I can get answers about this
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Okay so this is what I was told. I also spoke about another Endosister hence the zolodex  (which is like Lupron) info

"Zoladex is a GnRH-a. While on GnRH-a therapy the ovaries go into shut down. They stop producing estrogen. After stopping the drug it can take a while before the ovaries "wake up" again and return to their previous level of function. In some cases it seems that the ovaries don't ever fully wake up again or remain asleep or there is a delay in them doing so.

Other reasons for missing a period might be stress, failure to ovulate (several possible reasons for that, including PCOS, and problems of the pituitary gland), and menopause. At certain times during a woman's life periods might be more erratic (for example just after starting her periods and later when entering perimenopause)."
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Thank you for your info! I am positive it's not PCOS, my younger sister has suffered with that since her daughter was born.  I do have seizures and convulsions because of a central nervous system disorder, but I have never had any trouble with my periods because of that. Up until 4 months ago I could set my watch by my period!
I really think I am starting perimenopause, regardless of what my doc says.  It seems like having the endo gives you a better sense of what is happening in there. I know when I have a cyst, I used to know when my period would start.
Thanks again for the info, I will post the results of my appointment in January :)
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No problem and please do :) Good luck
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