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Do you have painful bowel movements with endometriosis?

That is the most bothersome symptom to me. Sometimes I can't go for a week. Then when I do it hurts soooo bad. Sometimes I bloat to the point of looking pregnant. Then after I have finally gone to the bathroom I am SO fatigued afterwards. Its very frustrating! Anybody else have this symptom? I deal with it by putting heating pads on my abdomen and just staying home. But it's really affecting my work.
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I am 17 and ive been having these symptoms since last january.. When i am on my period or like right before and i have a  bowl movement... it hurts.. cringing pain... it stops me in my tracks... i have never gotten it checked out... im going to talk to my mom about it though... I can feel gas moving in my intestine and when i use the restroom... even a lil bit it hurts. even sometimes when i sit. Its only on my period though... I have been researching for a few hours and endo is what i keep getting. I really hope it isnt it. My mom has it. a lot of people i know do. please email me if someone adds advice on here.. I am really concerned too. and i really wanna have kids when im older... I hope you do well.  ***@****
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Do you have a diagnoses of Endometriosis?  Its possible that you have intestinal Endo. I had a recto-vaginal cyst as well as intestinal involvement and the pain was excruciating I felt like knives were stabbing my rectum.
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