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Endemetriosis and getting pregnant

Hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year and recently completed a course of injections for 6 months but two months after I had finished my treatment the pains have come back and are worse a week after my period.
I am 25 this year and still have no children my partner isn't quite ready yet which is fine but I am petrified of leaving it to late incase my endometriosis comes back worse than it was and this time leaves damage causing problems becoming pregnant.

Can endometriosis come back immediately and cause damage if when I first had it, it wasn’t so bad?

Am I chancing it putting off having children for a few years?
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Your concerns are indeed genuine. Endometriosis is a recurring problem and chances of it coming back cannot be ruled out. Hence as you have recently completed your treatment you should be better off planning a pregnancy earlier. Also the pregnant state itself helps to suppress the endometriosis. Consult your gynaecologist.
Take care and good luck.
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I am kind of in the same boat as you. I am 22 and was diagnosed last December. My Endo has come back. And the pain is just as severe as before I had a Laparoscopy. It can always come back. There is no specific time from on when it can come back. But as long as you have Estrogen in your body, it will come back.
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I feel ya! I was in the same boat as you a few years ago.First off, endo can grow back anytime. There is no time limit in which it can come back... I want to highly suggest seeking out an Endo Specialist and an RE. The endo specialist will perform a laparoscopy - however, instead of burning the endo spots and leaving the "roots" behind, they excise it and cut out all endo spots and suspected spots. Aside from having a complete hyster - this is the best chance for long term "cure." (Can't think of the right word at the moment lol). Anyways, check out the CEC in Atlanta, GA and browse through their web pages and see what you think. I saw Dr. S last year and have been virtually pain free for over a year now...Good Luck!
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