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Endo, cysts, adeshions, sb/lb pain, opinions needed

Little about me, 26ys old, have coeliacs, pernicious anemia, endometriosis, pcos, ttc for 8yrs miscarried 4 (3 natural 1 icis) endo and cysts have being my biggest problem for about 10yrs, ive had 5 surgeries to remove cysts & laser endo away, previous surgeries found fused ovaries, twisted and fused appendix, twisted and fused bowel, my last surgery Dec14 I was told the endo was wrapped all over my right ovary and my ovary & bowel on the left were fused...I expected to have about 14/16months before things started to become a big problem again, ide still have uncomfortable days/periods but nothing severe but since my last surgery ive had countless partial bowel obstructions which have being managed with laxatives (never had bowel problems until after Dec14 surgery) all year ive just gone round in circles with it, ide eat over a week or so, couldn't have bm, get more bloated/fullness/pain etc until I had excruciating waves of cramps, they would literally have me doubled over, take my breath away, im sweating, heats pounding & once or twice ive thought oh god im about to pass out, the pain is so strong i cant stress enough how bad they are, these waves come and go for 20mins to 2hrs until they either settle on their own or I have a bm then im left sore/tender....Here is where I need opinions/advice, about 2 weeks ago I woke up in agony with those cramps, after 2hrs they went, later that day they came back for a further hour until I had a bm, for the next few days I just had moderate cramping with an pset stomach (i presume it was everything that had built up behind what was stuck), feeling full, nauseous etc but I could cope so long as I didn't have those excruciating cramps, about a week later the cramps settled they've just gone back to how they used to be but then out of nowhere I had sharp, pulsating, tearing pain in my lower right side which so far has lasted a good few days, movement definitely makes it worse, its as if my insides rip & rub then something jabs through them, my theory is there is endo/adeshions causing a slight blockage where the sb meets the lb (where I had my appendix removed) or the endo that's caked over my right ovary is fused or theres a new cyst or something....from past experience the cramps are my intestines/bowel & the sharp pains are ovaries/cysts so ide take a guess two things are happening at the same time...After a couple of weeks tho im getting very run down & im not feeling myself at all, I feel ive given things chance to settle but if anything im just getting worse, I tried to get an app with my gp but earliest was 12days away so im torn what to do now??? I have the strongest co codamols, naproxen & colofac but their not helping at all, i don't think i can cope much longer but im unsure who/where to turn to
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Have any of your surgeries been done by an endometriosis specialist?
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Hi, thanks for replying, yes hes an endo specialist, i actually ended up going to the walk in at my gp surgery in hopes ide see my gp and not a stand in and luckily enough i did, she sent me straight to hospital and they admitted me, i had a scan which showed an oddly shaped follicular cyst on my right ovary but my consultant decided to do a lap to see what was going on because of previous fused ovaries/appendix/bowel, he found it was my left ovary that was fused to my womb to which he freed, he then decided to try ovarian suspension and fill my pelvis with fluid so my ovary would float which he would leave the stitch in for 3days, during those 3 days my right sided pain had gone however when the stitch was removed on the 3rd day within an hour the right sided pain came back, im hoping its just because everything has being messed around with and is sore but i am worried what if everything fom surgery settles and heals but the right sided pain remains, its not as severe as it was but its still very uncomfortable, i have an follow up in 4wks and he has said i can email at anytime i just dont want to email too soon to be told its just from the op, if i could get to the 2wk mark and it was still painful ill be more confident to email and say something still isnt quite right.
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