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First, the background. I am 46 years old and think I am perimenopausal because I am ovulating much less often and my periods, although still fairly regular, have suddenly become much heavier.

However, long before this happened, I started having problems with truly awful ovulation pain for a couple of days each month; I have had a couple of ovarian cysts burst and bleed but my gyn said that's just one of those things that happen sometimes (with fever too, I suppose, as happened on one occasion). I have always had painful periods, but the pain too has got worse of late (it's especially bad if I miss a period; I find myself passing gigantic pieces of endometrium the size of my thumb). Taking the contraceptive pill helped to a large extent, but I have had to stop taking it because I have a higher than average risk of stroke (high blood pressure and other stuff).

On top of all that, I get pain in the pelvic area during and after deep sexual penetration, I have difficulty emptying my bladder completely and it also hurts when I pass stool (not like when you have piles, more of a crampy pain higher up, it feels as if my bowel and womb were stuck together, silly though that might sound).

The gyn did a transvaginal and lower abdominal ultrasound and said everything looks fine??!! Now I am wondering if this might be endometriosis, as I understand that might not show up on an ultrasound?
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It certainly sounds like it is a possibility. You are correct that unless there is a blood filled cyst it is rarely seen on any tests so a lap is the only way to diagnose. When they did the US did it show that your uterus was larger by any chance or did they mention Adenomyosis?
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No, they just said everything looked fine.... It seems that if everything looks fine, it must be all in your mind :-/
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I too was okish, still had major pain on the birth control pills but when I went off the pain got so much worse putting me in fetal position for years much of the time...I too passed the large clots (which was how I finally diagnosed myself then went to dr. for lap to confirm or deny) they did all the ultra sounds and he even said after that...everything looks good and I strongly doubt you have endometriosis but we will do the lap anyway...well, he got in there and I had frozen pelvis with stage 4 endo and adenomyosis...this dr. advised complete hysterectomy with ovary removal I was 37, my endometriosis continued to destroy my pelvis, but at that time (11 years ago) no one believed I could have endo after having my female organs removed...7 years later I found a specialist and sure enough I had frozen pelvis again...it took two surgeries by endo specialists to get me back to a better place although from all the damage and organ removal I deal with pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse...see an endometriosis specialist so they can go in to diagnose and clean it all up...one surgery...keeping your organs and getting on with your life...Don't let them dismiss your symptoms! Good luck!
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Wow!! What a horrific story - I am so sorry :( What an absolute mess!
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lol...and that's the short version...this disease has haunted and torutured me since I was 11 years old and I am now 48...still struggling...I have had so many invasive procedures done, did not get children or career thanks to this disease...and am still trying to figure out how to get myself to a better place...although I am better in some aspects this disease has taken much from me...I am ok with it at this point...I have finally gone through all the stages of grief one has with illness such as this and am at acceptance...I make my life sweet despite it! My goal now is just to guide women so they don't end up on the same path! When something is wrong in our body...we know it and the Dr.'s need to listen...if they don't move on to someone who will...my best Dr. in the whole world says their are 3 types of Dr.'s ~ bad ones, mediocre ones (where most fall) and exceptional Dr.'s find an exceptional one...YOU are worth the effort and it's NOT in your head! Be your best advocate for you health!
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