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Endometriosis Symptoms

Hi!  I"m hoping that someone can help me with the symptoms that I"m experiencing.  I've had pretty constant pelvic pain for a month that seems to get worse when I'm laying down and having a bowel movement  I've had trouble getting in to see my OBGYN, but was in so much pain that I went to a walk in clinic and they did a transvaginal ultrasound.  Getting the ultrasound was so painful due to the symptoms, but they weren't able to find anything.  I'm relieved that I don't have a tumor or something else requiring urgent attention, but I'm so frustrated.  I'm in pain, but they can't find a cause.  I feel like everyone is doubting what is actually happening.  Could this be endometriosis?  Are there some questions I should ask my OBGYN when I can finally see them?  Please help!
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It sounds like Endometriosis to me and I know how much pain you would be in and I would suggest to see an Endometriosis Specialist for surgery not a regular OBGYN. You have one chance to make this surgery right and you don't want a baby doctor doing this surgery.

Endometriosis is a multi-organ disease and if that mass is Endo you have moderate to severe disease that could be on your bowels, bladder etc and you need someone who knows how to operate on something like this because an OBGYN will not have the skill to do this.

Was the cyst/mass called complex ovarian cyst or endometrioma?
Hi!  Thanks so much for responding.  I was actually in so much pain that I went to the ER last week.  They did a CBC, Metabolic, and pelvic exam.  Everything came back normal, so they told me to see my OBGYN.  Unfortunately, my regular doctor is out of the office, so I saw another one who suggested I had IBS!  He didn't even do a pelvic exam and wouldn't listen when I told him I had no digestive issues - no constipation, diarrhea, or boating!  He prescribed and antispasmodic and told me to see my regular OB in a week.  I'm so frustrated and feel like no one will listen.  I'm also really scared that they missed something and I have something very serious like cancer.  Are there any questions I should ask when I can finally see my doctor?
Sorry, I realized that I didn't answer your question about the ultrasound.  They found nothing - not a mass, cyst, or fluid.  The ER doc and OBGYN both reviewed it.
Oh okay I read that wrong. Either way 80% of women with Endo are misdiagnosed with IBS so I am sure it is very possible with what you have said that you possible do have endo. I would ask your GP to send you to an Endo specialist as you have a lot of the symptoms regarding endo
Thanks so much  for your response , ticked!  I have an appointment with my regular OB next week so I will ask her for a referral!
Where do you live and I can give you some names of a good endo doctor in your area
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That would be so great!  I'm in Eastern Iowa!
If you can get to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this surgeon is one of the best for this disease in the USA.

Reproductive Speciality Center (http://www.reproductivecenter.com/contact.html),
2015 E. Newport Avenue,
Suite 707,
Columbia Street,
Mary's Hospital Medical Arts Building,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
T: (414) 289-9668
E: ***@****
*Dr. Koh asks that prospective patients get in touch with him directly by email. He also operates in Singapore and is planning to start a clinic in Hong Kong.

*Dr. Koh is recommended by Dr. Redwine as the most skilled endometriosis surgeon in the USA.

Dr. Koh:
Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does all urinary tract and bowel work. Ubersurgeon!
Thanks so much for your help!
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