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Endometriosis and andometriosis or Kidney infection???

I have been dealing with endometriosis and andometriosis  last two years..... Been to the emergency room 5 times in a year. I have no insurance and went to the ER this because my  left side below my rid cage has a sharp  side and lower back were my kidney is I am in so much pain... I have this really bad odder  on my tongue, it smells like copper or bowl odder. I have had this same odder when I had endometriosis this pass year off and on..... I have regular bowl moments that are normal color... and I have had a high temputure of 99.2 to 101.1 on a daily basses for the passed month and last year when I has endo.....for 6 months.
So they took a CT scan and blood work urine and came back with I have a lot of protein and some sign of Bactria in my urine.... So the Dr. said its a mystery what is going on with me. Dr have me Cipro to take for infection and to follow up with my FP.... The thing is I go to a clinic and I owe on my account, so they refuse to see me.... I have no idea what to do about my health and whats going on...  I have been having a achy pain in my aretha for about two months and not releasing all my urine have to push the rest out.... So I have been having sharp pain shooting down from my left side down through my aretha.... Plus I have been bloated really bad for the last two and half months now... I though maybe it was from the holidays, but I think I might have endometriosis again flaring up..I have gained weight about five ponds in 2 months and I am really concerned what is going on with me is it my kidneys or my endometriosis is back again and is effecting my other organs in my body???????.....PLEASE HELP ME with some input of what my condition? Anyone that can help me???? Thank you for you input rc
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I forgot to tell you I have no appetite at all for the pass two months, but still gaing weight???
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Thank you but my uterus, back left lower pain that is getting worse and my urethra pressure nerve pain in all area of the pelvis... I just started bleeding really bad and I am only in my 17 cycle of my menus cycle...In really bad pain and taking percocet.....  I started my period last month 5 days earlier... The month prior the that one I was 4 days early....This is what happened last year when I had so much cystic chocolate that ruptured.  I was in so much pain and so much clotting came out for months and then they said endomitosis ans andometriosis...
Wondering if it could be endomitosis cancer??  Any info from anyone would be appreciated....
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I'm not a doctor but I have experience with endometriosis, adenomyosis and also had a ruptured endometrioma as well (that was how I was suspected of having endo, and surgery confirmed it).

Regarding your kidney, back and urethra pain, I cannot give a definitive answer on whether or not it is endo, but my obgyn tells me it CAN grow anywhere. Rest assured that you had a CT scan done, so you know its not a cyst or growth causing the pain. Though CT scan may not see endo growth if small. I have abdominal pain on my side, had CT scan, nothing showed but my obgyn suspects endo on my colon/bowels. Could your kidney pain be from a kidney stone? The ER doc put you on antibiotics? So maybe it is an infection and may take time to clear up with the help of antibiotics?

Also, know that stress can really aggravate endo symptoms and make it flare up. I got a new job last year that was very stressful and my endo pains went shooting up. You're stress may also affect your monthly cycle making your period late or early... but endometriosis also does that on its own too. Adenomyosis may also contribute to the clotting with your period.

Are you on anything for endo and adenomyosis? Birth control pills? If you're not on any specific hormone therapy (birth control for example) the endo will keep growing. I'm on birth control pills but it only slows that the growth. I'm sorry I don't have the answers you may be looking for, but hope I helped a bit.

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I went to my OBGYN and saw my Dr that has been going through my endometriosis... She set up date 2/22/2013 for a biopsy of my endometrium to rule out cancer...
The reason is because of my bleeding only 10 after my last period. I started again having it for 8 days straight.. Plus every month my periods have been really off like 6 to 4 days early with severe pain in between periods....  I have been in a lot of pain and having pain in my chest and still have nerve pain going down my left side finger tips to my feet...still having a low temperature of 98.9 to 99.9....if the biopsy comes back good then she wants to do ablation in my endometrium area.
I have heard horrible story's about getting ablation of my uterus, because they ended up having more pain and bleed outside of the uterus..They end up getting a full hysterectomy... I really cant afford to go the long route and end up with having hysterectomy...

What do you think if it comes back good results and I hope they do...
should I get the Ablation of my uterus???  
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I have had endometriosis for over 20 years! Im finally making the right decision for me!, HYSTERECTOMY!, After yrs of pain, then addiction to pain meds, I will be free! I think the lap will be fine, also have they ever tfied Lupron orother hoomone therapy besides birth control?
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Dear Ritac1972, I was just reading through your post and I am full of  empathy for you, I know it's about a year since you posted and asked for help. I was just wondering if you've had help with the condition. Please do not hesitate to contact us at ***@**** to discourse further how we may be able help you with your condition. How I wish we had seen this posting earlier.

[email protected]
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