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If I do have endometriosis, how possible is it to conceive?
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I know this is the question burning on the back of everyone's mind with endo who haven't had children yet. I'm definitely thinking about it now frequently as well, since being diagnosed a couple months ago. However, from the research I've done and the literature I've read, I learned that most women are able to get pregnant with endo. About 9-50% of infertile women will be diagnosed with endo as the cause. But you have to remember that those are the "infertile" women who have tried and weren't able to get pregnant. Not all women with endo. I believe statistics show something like 60% are able to get pregnant with no help. And maybe additional 20% with IVF and fertility treatments, which all in all gives good odds. I have severe endo for instance, and my endo specialist surgeon who did my surgery said I have excellent chances to conceive. There's different factors that have to be weighed, age, where the endo grows, if you're ovulating regularly, etc. But most importantly stay hopeful :) If anyone has success stories, please share them with us ladies!
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Thank you. I have had three children when I was younger and finally met the right man. I'm going to be 37 in May and they say it can develop. The man I'm with has no children of his own and wants to experience everything. This gives me a little hope because of my age. I just had a tubal reversal in May 2015. Now in January all this pain started.
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Oh, well that changes it a bit :) Most important thing is that you've already had children. I was also told by fertility specialist that if you've had children before that's also factored into the equation because that means that you have things working correctly. I think what might be more challenging for you is the tubal reversal more than endo, besides you don't even know if you have endo :) I think you have good odds!
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