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Excessive gas

Can anyone assist share with me how to deal with excessive gas, I am very mindful of my diet and has recently started to exercise.

My periods are no longer painful since starting the pill, however from first day of bleeding the gas pains are so severe that standing upright is excruciating

Any help or advice?

Please, anyone?!?
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I use fennel to help my gas issues...and when I can feel it getting stuck in an area I massage the area along my colon helping guide it to the exit and I do this most often in the yoga pose "legs up the wall" because it forces the pf muscles to relax and this makes the gas easier to pass...I have also used the chewable gas relief tabs but try to stay clean and chemical free as much as possible...;) Hope this helps!
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Yikes.  I suffer from this too.  It's so painfu.  I also have contraction-like cramps during my periods. I haven't found anything that works for me.  I'd be curious to see what  other people suggest.  Good luck!
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have you seen an endometriosis specialist? You have been diagnosed with endometriosis by laproscopic surgery right?
Endo gals have alot of digestive problems because of the constant inflammation in the pelvis...and potentially endo on the bowels. The contraction like cramps are most likely adenomyosis...which is a hard one to resolve for younger women who want to have children...they can severe the nerves or a hysterectomy but with this come all sorts of other potential medical issues as was the case with me...my endo continued to grow although I was thrown into menopause 11 years ago...endo can actually continue to grow with or without a cycle which is why the only way to potentially get this disease under control so you can live a happy full life is to see an endometriosis excision specialist! Many who say they are actually are not...so ask them how they would manage bowel endo if they leave it, or put you on lupron or some type drug for it they are not true endometriosis specialists...there are not that many because of the extensive training and the fact that the surgeries for endo done correctly can take a long time and the surgeon doesn't get pain extra for this...so not many are willing to go the extra mile and so just recommend hysterectomy or lupron type drugs...I recommend all women or people who have someone they love dealing with this hard disease read this website for current and accurate research and information there is alot of FALSE info floating around out there on this disease!
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It may not be as effective since we're dealing with endometriosis, but probiotics are usually a very good defense for gas and settling the digestive track if taken regularly. Like either eating some sort of yogurt every day or simply buying probiotic powder packs you can put in your drink or mix with any sort of food (I wouldn't recommend the general probiotic vitamins at a Walmart, honestly. Those can be hard to absorb and therefore useless). But fennel as someone else said is supposed to be powerful too. Ginger tea, although not the most pleasant taste, is also supposed to help relieve gas and balance colon. I know how you feel. The gas and bloating from my endo is excruciating and I've been on BC for three months now, still had an attack this mense. I hope some of these help relieve your pain!!!
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