Hi, i have a history of endo and ovarian cyst... i had endo removed 2011 where they also removed a chocolate cyst from my left ovary... after these last 2 weeks i have been in so much pain and my tummy has been really swollen, a scan yesterday revealed a 2cm endo cyst on my right ovary, the doctor has said that the cyst will not go away and will grow, they have said i need to wait for a appointment with the consultant but if i get severe pain then i need to go straight to A and E.

How quickly do endo cyst grow, i feel like a ticking time bomb
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Google is a good way that is how I found mine but I also asked around.

If you are looking for one let me know where you live so I can ask some Endosisters for some reputable ones
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Ticked I agree. I just had laparoscopic surgery and they used this new thing called the Davinci robot to scrape and cauterized the endometriosis. I don't feel they got it all. Do you know how I could find a good endometriosis surgeon who exercises Excises? My only thought was to google.
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I am going to disagree.

I trusted many doctors and it took 14 yrs to diagnose me and even then I diagnosed myself, got the referral sent to the Endo specialist and pushed for a surgery.

It is fact that most GP's know nothing about Endometriosis and either do ER doctors or nurses. There is not enough education and awareness on how to treat this disease and patients get pushed around and their needs don't get met.

If you have an Endometrioma there is a good chance that the disease is advanced. Please find yourself an Endometriosis specialist that Excises the disease which means it will be cut from the root not just lasered off on the surface.
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Without doing some research I couldn't positively tell you. I will tell you one very important piece of advice. Do not let it worry you so that you are interfering with your life. You need to keep regular Doctors visits and by all means stay on top of it.
If you trust your Doctor leave it in his/her hands and let them take care of you:)
I am in a hurry at the moment but will gladly research this for you and give you some concrete info if you would like.
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Endo is unpredictable.

It could grow slow or it could grow fast.

Are you on any form or have you been on any form of BCP to stop the periods so you don't grow cysts? Doing this now might not get rid of it but it might reduce it and stop it from growing. 2 cm is still pretty small but it is still a concern.

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