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Laparotomy 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone  

I had a laparotomy 3 weeks ago to remove an 8 cm endometrioma. It has been a pretty stressful time as up until then I had no idea I had a cyst!! Had got used to the horrible periods! The biggest concern was ovarian cancer but thankfully histology reported that everything was benign. Thank God.

Anyway, I ended up having a laparotomy instead of a laparoscopy as it was a little trickier to get at than first thought. I had been doing brilliantly. Yes, it's not a particularly nice operation but I was coping very well and didn't really feel the need for painkillers even! That was 2 weeks post op.

This past week I haven't been too good  I ended up being taken in to hospital ( a different one) with vomiting, low bp, a little pain last weekend. I only vomited once, I think because I had had recent surgery they wanted to be on the safe side. I stayed for 3 days, was on a drip, had an X-ray etc. All blood tests etc came back clear. The x ray showed gas in my stomach which is to be expected. The Dr said this could cause sickness.

I would like to hear if any of you have experienced similar? Felt good and then went downhill?! I do feel quite nauseous since this episode and bm aren't quite what they should be (sorry!) I have my post op meeting next week so will know more then but in the meantime, any advice?!'

Thanks for reading

X x xx

Forgot to mention, I also have a bruised feeling at the base of my back. It hurts if I lean forward. You can't see anything, it's just a little sore. Normal?!!
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You most likely will feel this way for a bit because you had a laparotomy and it takes longer to heal the insides as well. Try not to push yourself more than you need to because even when you feel like everything is okay your insides are not.

Have you tried peppermint or ginger tea? That will help with the nausea and gas pain.

If the cyst was on your ovary its a good chance they were mucking around in there and you could be suffering from the side effects of that. Your hormones will be a little wonky for a while until they regulate again. This again is normal. Sometimes the ovary goes to sleep after surgery.

Your back might hurt do to the positioning you were in during your surgery. They really bend you lol..

Did they find Endo as well and where was it?
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Thank you so much for your response. I am going for my post op meeting next week so will know more then. However, I do know that the endometrioma was attached to my ovary and my bowel. The consultant was able to save my ovary which was a nice surprise :) It was going to be removed, things changed when he went in!! No stitches were needed on my bowel fortunately.

I do not know the extent of the endometriosis yet. As far as I am aware he didn't see any other evidence of it. I am not even sure that having an endometrioma means I have emdometriosis?!!! Daft question probably, am guessing I do have endometriosis!!

I will post again to let you know what the consultant says. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. If anybody else has experienced this/had a laparotomy I would love to hear from you. I've never had any sort of surgery before and am quite taken aback at how tired I am getting.

Kathleen x x
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I have tried peppermint tea, it does seem to help a little :) have also been eating ginger biscuits, yum yum!!

I do know that some incisions were made on the ovary. I presumed with it still being there i wouldn't have any hormonal problems. When you think about it, prodding around in that area can hardly be a good thing!!
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How are you feeling now?
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Hi :) I'm doing OK. I don't feel quite as nauseous, although this morning I'm not feeling wonderful!

Went to see the consultant. He was pleased with my progress, the sickness he thinks was probably unrelated to the operation. I get very tired and a little faint but he reminded me that I'd had major surgery and it will be 3 months at least before I feel 'normal'.

I have stage 2/3 endo. The endo was only in one place :)  The endometrioma was unusual looking, he said he still wasn't sure what it was when he started so that is why I needed to have the laparotomy. It was in an awkward to get to place, attached to the bowel and ovary. Impossible to remove via keyhole (that's his specialism) I was very lucky as he is a wonderful surgeon and very caring.  He has recommended either taking the mini pill or get a Mirena coil fitted. Do you have any experience of these?

How are you getting on? I hope that you are keeping well

X x
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