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Leg pain

Does anyone else experience leg pain that has endometriosis ? I get pains in my thighs, knees, shins, side of my buttocks and sometimes even in my ankles or feet. Varies from dull and sometimes sharp. I Also get a sore hip always on my right side ! I go in for surgery next Thursday so hopefully the pain stops !
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I never got leg pains like this, but maybe you have some endo sitting on a nerve?

You could also have a pinched nerve. Let your doctor know, for sure.

Surgery is Thursday? Let us know how it goes!
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Sounds like sciatica. And yes endometriosis can cause it, it caused mine. My lap didn't fix it but Google it there are some great exercises that can help. Ask your doctor maybe he can refer you to physical therapy if the surgery doesn't fix it.
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Yes! sharp shooting pains in my thighs when my endometriosis is acting up during my periods!
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Good luck! Yes I have the same problem as you. While not officially diagnosed with endo I strongly believe that I have it. I also have other symptoms like constipation and pelvic pain.
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