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My personal Endo CURE

Basically I was a mess.  I get chocolate ovarian cysts due to endo and also suffer from hypoglycemia.  I had a laporoscopy done when experiencing fertility issues and found out my tubes were blocked and scarred.  There were a ton of lesions that had to removed and the doctor said I couldn't have children (already having one 15 years prior) without the help of fertility.  Being newly married and in my late 20's you can imagine I was devastated. I have suffered with the chocolate cysts since the age of 14 however my skin was never prone to bad breakouts.  My episodes would happen probably once or twice a year.  As I grew older they became more consistent every three to six months.  

Pain during sex, random bleeding during sex and the cyst rupture would land me in the emergency room over 50 different times in my life. My skin would break out horribly into painful cystic acne, so bad that I was embarrassed to leave the house.  Before finding out about my endo I thought I was simply an acne sufferer.  I took Acutane for about a year which helped but did not cure.  Now I know why.  My acne was from the inside out.  I missed many events because I was so horrified by these big huge painful throbbing cysts on my face that I could do nothing about.  When I would try to relieve the pain by popping them that was a disaster.  You tear the skin and it takes a month to heal never really doing anything anyway about the actual acne itself.  As far as the hypoglycemia I was diagnosed with at 14 years old, I didn't understand it and did not have enough information to manage it so I quickly dismissed it.  It would leave me tired, sluggish, moody, lack of energy along with episodes of shakiness, as well as a feeling of weakness to the point of almost fainting.

I tried fertility treatments for years.  My tubes were cleared but my endo was so rapid that it came back.  I achieved two pregnancies which resulted in eptopic pregnancies needing immediate surgery at two different times.  I now have no Fallopian tubes.  However, I WAS able to get pregnant through IVF and have a beautiful fun loving hilarious little 3 year old boy. :)

During my IVF treatments of lupron and managing my hormones through the years of drugs and pills they put me on, I had no acne flareups.  (obviously) I had no cyst ruptures and had perfect skin, hair and nails.  During my pregnancy it was the same.  When he was born less then a year later it reared it's ugly head again to torment my life.  The chocolate ovarian cysts became so frequent they happened every month.  It's as if they had some catching up to do to torment me even more since they didn't for a good three to five years.
Along with the chocolate cysts and the endo once again, came cystic acne.  It is from the inside out.  

I have learned throughout the years and much experimentation that the only way to control my endo, cysts, hypo and have clear skin is to become the poster child for health and fitness.  Drink 8 plus glasses of water a day, no sugar, low carbs, high protein, salads and fruit everyday along with grilled chicken, fish, beans and nuts.  When I workout 60 minutes or more a day (at the very least 30 minutes of cardio) and follow this diet I am healthy, happy, acne free, no flareups and live a very very fulfilling life with a ton of energy.  It is difficult to do at first but when your health and well being depend on it, it becomes a no brainier.  I do fall off the wagon at times but am quickly reminded to get back on.  It literally only takes a week of bad eating for the signs and symptoms to start peeking their ugly head.

I did try the birth control pills but broke out even more and added an extra ten pounds with each one I tried.  My libido would also decrease and being a newlywed that was not a good thing.  I am not one for pills as it is.  I have seen too much and known too addicts, heard too many stories and seen too many side effects to jump into a pill right away to solve any issues.  What I can say is I like to exhaust all possible natural methods that I myself can control in order to fix something first.  So I decided it was time to take back my life.

It's not easy but it works.  I follow the South beach Diet phase 1 and 2 only as well as the 17 day diet book.  I adopted this for a healthy lifestyle and not so much to loose weight.  I kind of live off of these two books and stick to the recipes, mixing the two concepts and menus together.  I am not a rep for anyone, I'm not trying to sell or advertise for anyone and my solutions may not work for you.  Keep in mind I also have hypoglycemia so it is a double whammy for me.  

I hope my story will help someone because I suffered for years with this and didn't know how to fix it until I stopped listening to others, doctors who couldn't tell me much and living in a world where I felt half dead.  So I would say to anyone who goes through what I did, try to embrace a healthier lifestyle first and see if it helps you.  But the key is to stick with it.  Don't eat healthy and then have a candybar everyday or fill up on caffeine and sodas, energy drinks, alcohol, or have one little bite of chocolate everyday and think that's okay.  Pass up the bread rolls at dinner.  Once a month, maybe twice I can have one cocktail with sips of water in between for date night. I can enjoy an Italian dinner with my family one time out of the 31 day month and it will be okay.  But to live half and half healthy or have a "cheat day" once a week does not work for me personally.  It will come back.  So I manage it with

Healthy, clean eating
No alcohol
No drugs
I don't smoke
8 plus glasses of water a day
60 minutes of working out between Cardio and strength training/toning
OR I do intense 45 minute Billy Blanks TaeBo workout.

I hope this helps at least someone out there!  Good luck.
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Healthy eating and exercise definitely help reduce pain and symptoms due to endo. Thanks for sharing :)
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Just curious do you eat red meat at all? And how long after you eating clean and doing excrrsise  did you feel any relife?
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Red meat has been the hardest for me to give up to be honest. I eat mostly vegan but then at times I crave a steak. Other than that I try to stay away from meat in general.

I start like a detox diet first. So I juice for about a week and have soup or something that won't wreak havoc in my gut, then I eat raw vegetables and fruit then move on to some roasted vegetables etc. The only meat like product I eat is fish and eggs if anything.
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What do u eat for protien?
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There are lots of foods that are not meat that have large quantities of protien like spinach, kale, quinoa, almonds etc.. I have experienced many foods over the last 10 yrs trying to find one that helped me the most so a lot of food I tried some I just didn't like some I did and was surprised
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Oh good that's what I've been eating a lot of but I eat a lot of eggs:)
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That's great :)
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I know this post is nearly 2 years old now, but I wanted to share my appreciation for your story and add for any women reading this that I have had a similar experience. (But much less severe!!) About a year and a half ago I started noticing a huge change in my periods and energy levels and soon after that, I began developing deep acne along my jaw line. I was a college athlete: captain of my soccer team in my senior year so the severe increase in pain in my periods REALLY took a toll on me, affecting my season and my school work. In addition to this I began noticing a huge drop in energy levels. It is typical to be worn out after a tough pre-season but I hit an all time low. It was very frustrating because most just thought I was "wimping out" under the pressure and unable to keep up, but I was convinced there was more to the story. Around this time my periods got heavier than they had ever been and I was shocked to realize I was having what I thought was 2 periods a month!! That's how much I was bleeding between periods - PLUS I was having pain during ovulation making it hard to distinguish which was the real period and which was "extra bleeding." Well finally some testing determined that I was anemic. I don't know if that is something I will always struggle with or if it was just a result of my new massive amounts of bleeding. With some consistent tracking, and realizing the "real period" was always the MUCH more painful one and lasted 8-10 days I was able to find a pattern in my flow. (This is very different for me as my whole life my periods have been consistent, fairly light and last usually 4 days.) I was very discouraged but going through a lot and had heard that stress can often affect your cycle. I was going through the toughest season of my life, graduated college, moved, started a new job, got promoted and got engaged all in the matter of about 5 months. I was VERY hesitant to get on birth control at all - I've seen it affect many of my friends and heard the horror stories of acne, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and mood swings. I know it is helpful for some and for those I say more power to you and I wish you the best!! For me though, I had decided early on that I believe the menstral cycle is your body's way of telling you what's going on. And force/ "regulating hormones" more often silences your body's ability to communicate and causes more issues elsewhere rather than actually treating the heart of the matter. Anyway, waiting things out was doing me no good. I was well into summer, planning my wedding and worrying about how I was going to have a healthy sexual relationship with my future husband if I couldn't even tell when I was on my period!! My mom shared with me that she has endometriosis and there was a good chance that's what I was struggling with. Finally I decided to go see a doctor. They did their tests and the ultra sounds. She came in and gave me about 2 minutes and literally said "your lining is a little thicker than normal but that could mean almost anything. I don't know what the problem is but I ordered birth control for you and basically you can take that or be miserable for the rest of your life." And then she left. I was furious! How could she even know what kind of birth control to prescribe if she didn't know what was wrong with me!?? Guess she was just up for trial and error! Well I wasn't. I went and talked to my fiance about it - wondering if I was taking too much of a high and mighty attitude and should just listen to the doctor. I don't believe there's anything inherently wrong with birth control its just not something I ever wanted for myself.
First we agreed to pray about it, consistently. Sometimes whether big or small the plan God has for you is different than your own plan. We decided to first try treating a "healthy lifestyle" as if it were doctor prescribed. We agreed to approach that religiously for a few months and if it didn't work I would look for some more educated advice on what birth control to try. We began going for a 30 minute run every morning before work, the only groceries we bought were lean meats and vegetables. I tried to have salmon every couple of weeks and we ate chicken and salads almost daily. I did incorporate red meat once a week for my anemia. Let me tell you, the results were amazing!! I only spotted two more times after that life style change. I have experienced regular and predictable periods ever since!! I have been slacking in consistently dieting well lately (I've been letting a lot of the snack food sneak in between meals). And I've noticed my acne getting worse. I was scouring the internet for the best cures when I came across this post. It was a great reminder to first seek a healthy life style and THEN see if/what problems persist. There is nothing wrong with medical treatment when needed but you will be shocked at how often simply dedicating yourself to a lifestyle as God designed it will have far more rewards than you can imagine!! (This is not to make women feel bad for taking birth control or struggling with endometriosis and acne beyond the help of diet and excercise, but it is simply meant to be an encouragement and reminder of how beneficial a healthy lifestyle can be. Even if it is in ADDITION to the medication you may need to take.)

God Bless, and Happy New Year!
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I was on Marvelon21 for 8 yrs continuously and it was the only thing that helped and it was a God sent. I don't know where I would be without it. It cleared up my face, took away all my migraines and mentally I felt so much better with limited endo pain and no periods.
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