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Question about endo symptom....

I have yet to be diagnosed.... to make a long story short (you can always catch up in my journal) I am 32, 2 kids of my own, fabulous partner and one step son.  Pain started in June... abdominal pain (slowly getting worse) back pain, fatigue... yada yada yada.  

Ok so my question came to me today after I posted in my journal (and after one of my friends commented..) did any of you have serious, I mean SERIOUS abdominal swelling?  Some days I feel as if I am 5 months preggers over here. And the pressure is unreal.  Not only can I not squeeze into my pants any more, even if I am wearing comfy yoga pants the pressure from that causes pain.

I am far from trying to self diagnose, I am just curious.  My body tells me I have ovarian cysts or something.... my Dr. thinks endo.  Still on a wait list for an ultrasound....

Thanks in advance.
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I just got back from a second opinion...i had a ruptured (r) ovarian cyst.  I had a large amount of "free fluid", swollen belly (definitely looked prego!), severe pain in lower/right abdomen and constant ache/pain in lower back.  
My dr. confirmed ruptured cyst BUT informed me that I need a lap. to diagnose Endo.  Ovarian cysts are a sign/symptom of Endo.  The only way to 100% diagnose is a lap.  On the ultrasound, they can see cysts, etc.  But will not be able to detect Endo.  Even though it's surgery, you should have them do a laparoscopy.  With your symptoms, sounds like your doc is right.   More to think about....
Do you have pain during intercourse (first question my dr. asked)?
Do you feel "ripping" sensation with sudden movement?
Menstural regular?

I've suffered with Cysts for 10 years...because Endo goes undetected unless you have lap.  I feel lots of pressure, bloating, at time unexplained gas, distended stomach, chronic fatigue, irritability, pain shooting down one or both inner thighs.  

I suggest you write down ALL of your symptoms, how long you've been having them...no matter if you think they are related or not.  
Remember: you could have an ovarian cyst.  The pain could be it growing or it could have ruptured (or is leaking).  A cyst doesn't always mean you have Endo but there is a good chance.  
Be aggressive with your doctor.  If you can afford lap (insurance should pay a good bit of it) do it!  It's the only true way to get diagnosed.  You don't want to feel pain forever.  As women, we get so busy with our children, husbands, homes, jobs, etc., we fail to take care of ourselves most of the time.  Our well being suffers when we let our health slide under the rug.  Endo can consume us.  I pray you find your answers...please let me know what you come up with. :)

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Thank you for all of that Katie.  I really appreciate you sharing your circumstances with me.

Luckily I am in Canada and these tests cost nothing but the downside of that is that it takes forever.  I am waiting for a transvaginal ultrasound.  I wonder how long it will take to get a lap done?

I've been real open and aggressive with my Dr and did exactly what you said: wrote everything down and didn't miss a beat.  I have let him know my fears and concerns.. its just a waiting game unfortunately.

Will let you know.. please do the same.

Thanks again.

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