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Sac fell out of vagina during BM???

Earlier today during a BM, a sac seemed to come out of my vagina. It was sort of beige in color, wrinkly, and was elastic and skin like to the poke (w a plastic take out knife). TMI I know, but I cut it open and there was a sort of dark brown/black ish "filling"?? I was maybe 4mm thick and maybe 2.5-3" long. No blood or discomfort, checked myself in the shower and everything seems normal.

I just got a new iud 2 weeks ago, have not been sexually active for a month, and otherwise have had no periods or other events or discomfort. IUD is still firmly in place and string is properly positioned.

Any idea what that sac was?? I have not pictures or samples for my obygn (who I will not be able to see for some time)

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I used to get something like that sometimes when I was on birth control pills.  I think it's a huge chunk of uterine lining.  I never did anything about mine and it didn't seem to affect things at all.
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