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Scheduled for Lap Surgery in 4 Days and I'm Freaking Out!

I have my surgery scheduled on Friday and ever since I scheduled it, pretty much all of my symptoms have disappeared and I am second-guessing the whole thing :( I am not trying to conceive at all, my husband and I are fortunate to have 2 kids, and didn't really have any problems getting pregnant. My symptoms have been pain with sex, cramping with urination around ovulation, fatigue, and incredibly painful periods with a lot of clotting.
However, about 2 months ago I had my ultrasound (they found nothing, no cysts, etc..) and scheduled my surgery. However I also started intermittent fasting and working out 5 days a week, and all of my symptoms are gone now. I am so scared to go through this surgery and come out of it to find out that it was for nothing.

Has anyone else had my symptoms and had them go away on their own? Or have the symptoms without fertility issues and had a positive endo diagnosis with the surgery? I've seriously considered cancelling the surgery at this point but a friend of mine with endo thinks I need to go through with it just so that I can be sure. Please tell me what ya'll think!!
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So I never had my symptoms go away, and endo can affect fertility, but doesn't always.

My thoughts on the surgery are this - all surgery causes scar tissue. Scar tissue can cause more pain than what you've already had. Since it's not urgent for you, and since nothing would really change for you with a diagnosis of endo - you don't really need treatment, you aren't trying to get pregnant at this moment, and you're feeling okay, personally, I'd cancel the surgery.

I had endo probably from the time I had my first period at 12. I had my first laparoscopy in my 20s, and had 3 before getting an official diagnosis of endo at 32. I finally got a doctor who said no more surgeries. Because the endo was so bad, I had adhesions from endo and scar tissue, plus severe ovarian cysts and some other things, I had a hysterectomy in my mid 30s.

I say hold off on the surgery. It will always be there if you need it later. Lots of docs will also diagnose you without surgery, and treat presumptively to skip unnecessary surgeries.

Just my two cents, and it may not even be worth that lol. Give your doctor a call and talk it out. Let us know what happens. :)
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