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TTC with Stage IV Endo

Hi ladies, has anyone gotten pregnant with endo??? If so, was it naturally or through IVF?
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I have naturally but I know many with stage IV that have given both naturally and IVF. There is no way to know until you try and go through the entire process with a fertility doctor but from what my friends have said while going through this is "Make sure she goes to an Endo Specialist" this is important for many reason. First they know how to remove endo off organs without damaging them or removing them, they know what the different endo looks like and to an untrained eye they might miss it. For example, teens with endo usually have clear implants not dark or red etc. If an endo specialist went in he would know what to look for. Also there are only a handful of Endo specialists world wide that can excise endo for 179 million women so most gyno/obgyn even if they say they specialize in it they may not.

Also there are people with stage I and can't conceive so sometimes it has nothing to do with staging.

If you let me know where you are at I can find a fertility/Endo specialist that is close to you.
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thanks! charlotte, nc
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If you can as its not that far away I would recommend the CEC (Centre of Endometriosis care) in Georgia. Dr. Sinervo is well known world wide and is an amazing surgeon, offering compassion, proper medication to help with pain as well as he is a top Excision surgeon. He is one of the best. If it was me I would travel.. Not sure how your insurance is or that works as I am canadian but they work with insurance plans and help with costs if problems arise. Each case is different.

Dr. Kenny Sinervo

Center for Endometriosis Care (CEC),
Perimeter Town Center,
1140 Hammond Drive,
Building F, Suite 6220,
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA
T: (770) 913-0001    

Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does some bowel/urinary tract work. Works with an assisting colorectal surgeon.

There is one where you are located but there is nothing about him and what he does and I have never heard of him. He isn't top but I think he does excision. You can call and ask just to make sure. However he is not as good as Dr.S.

Dr. John Steege

University of North Carolina Hospitals,
101 Manning Dr,
Ste 7001J,
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
T: (919) 843-6727

Specialisation: OBGYN
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Unknown

The CEC takes your records and reads them for free and Dr. S will call with his plan of action as to how he will help you. It is a great centre and I have met him he is wonderful.
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I was once told I had endo so badly that 'if you wanted to have kids, you should have done it yesterday'.  meaning in his opinion there was no possibility of me getting pregnant.  I had 4 kids after that.  
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thank you both for the comments!

Ticked, I'll definitely look into the doctors you've recommended

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