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What have you tried to treat Endo? Any Advice?

Hi ladies. I hope some of you can get back to me with what you've been doing since being diagnosed with endo. I'm newly diagnosed, just a couple of months ago, I'm 25. Found out because I needed an endo cyst removed from left ovary (7cm). They found severe endo while in there. I'm 3 weeks post-op now, healing well. Time has come to decide how to treat it further and suppress endo. My doctor of course is saying birth control continuously and no other alternative. They point blank said nothing else suggested out there works. But then speaking to a naturopath MD who has endo herself, as well as listening to other naturopaths, they absolutely believe that endo can be suppressed and even healed through natural ways like nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine etc. And to avoid hormones because it will only throw your body into more chaos, since the cause of endo is a hormonal imbalance to begin with. So I'm really torn. I would love nothing more than to try a natural approach, but I'm terrified of it coming back and growing cysts again. I don't want to go through another surgery it sucked! And every surgery you have after the first one, only does more harm than good in all aspects. So surgery is definitely not a solution. I feel like there's very little information out there on what people actually tried, and what could be effective. So ladies, all your input will be very appreciated. What have you tried? What worked, what didn't? What have you heard others try. Please share! Thank you!
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There's a really active endo community on Reddit and it may be helpful to cross post there and ask too.

Have you expressed your preferences to your doctor about wanting to look for treatment alternatives that don't involve surgery or birth control? You mentioned your doctor is saying BC continuously, however, you are your own best advocate so make sure your preferences are known and ask questions about what other options are available.

Things like:

What alternative therapies are available?
Can you recommend any alternative treatments I might try?
What lifestyle changes can I make?
What dietary changes can I make?

Hope this helps! If things persist with your current doc, at some point you may considering switching or getting a second opinion on alternative treatments that dont involve surgery.
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Thanks for your reply. I've already had a surgery to remove a cyst and endo. And my current doctor is an endometriosis specialist, but he does mostly focus on the surgical aspect of it. I asked about alternative routes before and after surgery. And he told me that to this date there has been no diet or exercise treatment that has been proven to be affective, so he didn't give me an alternative. And I can't seem to find anyone else doing an effective alternative route here online either :(
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