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Will my mojo ever return?

I am 34 and 8 months ago I had a total hysterectomy due to my severe endometriosis, I had my womb and cervix removed but ovaries left intact.  When the surgeon  met with me the day after my op he advised that it was the best decision I had made as the endometriosis had 'glued' my ovaries to my pelvic wall, it had stuck my womb to my ovaries and where my womb was was infact my bowel!  6 weeks after I visited the surgeon who advised that I also had another disease called andenomyosis so I could never have children.  It does feel great to be pain free each month but I cannot have intercourse with my husband due to pain and lack of mojo, I feel sad all the time, I am putting on weight and have also considered leaving my husband who has been my rock!  I am confused and would like to know when all these crappy feelings will go away!
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It might take a while for it to come back if it does. This is one of the cons to a hysterectomy from what I have heard and researched. I think the best thing would be to go see your doctor to see what he can give you to help.

I haven't had a sex drive in 2 yrs and I have not had my hyster yet this disease robs you of that unfortunately however taking things slowly would be best.

Even talking to a therapist might help as well.

Is your husband understanding or is he getting angry at this? Is it the guilt from you that makes you want to leave?

I can completely understand as I often think that if I was alone I could't hurt someone when it comes to emotions as well as sex. I just don't want it. To me sex equals torture. It has never felt okay. However my husband is understanding but for how long right?

I am sorry that you are going through this but if you want to talk there are many boards on  Facebook, one of the best boards is EndoMetropolis.
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Thank you for being so open.

My husband is very supportive but I want to leave as I think if I am not here and on my own then all these rubbish feelings would go away and I could move on and not have to worry or think about all these stresses.  I even thought about leaving work too as it was all a constant reminder and just go somewhere where no one knew me!  

My husband says that if we never have sex again then that is alright with him as long as I am happy but if I said fine we are never to have sex again I think he would run!

I think I am going to speak to my doctor for advice.

Thank you
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Your welcome. There are many Endosisters on twitter and I have a blog if you are interested. Lots of support for sure is out there with women who have gone through similar issues. This is a taboo disease and a taboo subject so we are left with guilty and that isn't fair considering how much we suffer.

I wish you all the best and please consider Twitter as a support chain through these times. When I am in a dark place I always go there to help others and it helps me. There are Endosisters from all over the world and I can hook you up with them.

Let me know. Most of the info is on my profile. If you need anymore message me :)
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I am 30 yrs old and had a complete hysterectomy in Feb of this year at 29. I have ZERO mojo desire what so ever. I als think its great to live pain free. I too had all removed except my cervix. Also  had endo on my bowels. I am not on any replacements because my disease was so bad and we fear it reactivating and growing elsewhere. I  have put on about 20lb at minium since the surgery. I cant seem lose any. Enough of my rambles I just wanted you to know you arent alone. I feel for you and Im here if you want to talk
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