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endometriosis and/or insterstitial cystitis?

I have been dealing with really bad chronic pelvic pain for a longgg time now.  I'm finally scheduled to have my laparoscopy in nine days (the 22nd).  When I spoke to my doctor (an infertility/endocrinology specialist who deals a lot with endometriosis) and had my consultation, she mentioned something that, despite the fact that I have pretty much ruled out everything I possibly could before doing a laparoscopy, had never been mentioned to me before.  She said that I could either have endometriosis or interstitial cystitis (or both, but hopefully not!).  I had never even considered that!  During my laparoscopy they are checking for both.  I don't know much about IC; can anyone tell me some things about it?  or if and how it could relate to endometriosis and pelvic pain?  Does IC have anything to do with periods?  and I was also wondering this:  when a doctor presses around different spots on your abdomen, would certain spots hurt more than others depending on what you could have?  Because when she pushed on my bladder it didn't hurt, but when she pushed more to the sides of my lower abdomen closer to my hip bones it hurt a lot more.  How can the difference be deciphered? I'm just so confused with this sudden new idea and don't really know what to think about it...

And, I was wondering, how will checking for IC affect the laparoscopy?  will it take longer, and what else has to be done for that?  

and is it likely that I could have both? is it more common to just have one of these problems or do they genereally go together?

ahhhhh, I'm just getting so nervous about all of this!
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has anyone had experience with the two of these??
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Checking for IC is quick. Its a cystoscopy that they will do to check to see if there are any ulcers or inflammation in the bladder.  do you have to pee all the time, is it painful?  

Endometriosis for the most part goes hand in hand with IC.  If you have Endo and have bladder problems that is the first thing they check for besides infection.

By the sounds of it I would lean more towards Endo then IC as you havent mentioned any urinary symptoms.  

I wouldnt be nervous, its all quick and you will recover within 2 weeks.

Let me know if you have anymore questions
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I pee pretty often but i don't necessarily feel like its terribly abnormal...i mean it could be but it just never seemed like the cause of a problem to me, but I don't know...

I just don't see how IC could be my problem when I have a lot of problems with menstruation and my pain is often accompanied by bleeding.  
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also, is having a little blood in discharge normal? i know that being on bc can cause break through bleeding but it happens pretty often and it happens after sex most of the time.  but i've also heard that IC can cause pain during sex as well...so i don't know i'm just really confused i can't wait to get some answers next week!
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If you have IC you pee like 60 times a day, pretty much every 10 mins.  You get pain sudden urges to have to urinate, pain during and before urination.  

I am definitely thinking that it is not IC.  A little blood is normal but not when its happening all the time.  Are you sure the blood isnt coming from your vagina?  Is the water red or is it spots of red?  Have you been tested for STD's?

Do you urinate right after sex?

You could have endo on the bladder which could cause those symptoms.  

Pain with deep penetration usually comes from the deeper organs being tender. This includes the ovaries, uterus, bladder, and even the intestines., the most common reasons for deep pain are ovarian cysts, a retroverted uterus (positioned so it gets bumped during intercourse), abdominal adhesions (in people who have had abdominal surgery), and an infection called pelvic inflammatory disease. Many other, less common conditions (such as inflammatory bowel disease) can also make you hurt. In some positions (such as lying on the side), penetration is not as deep, and sex might be more comfortable.

On your ultrasound did it say that your uterus was tilted?
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yes the blood is not in my urine is definately coming from my vagina...and yes i've tested negative for STD's.  And its not a bladder infection either! and I do pee right after sex too.  But it is weird that I pee so frequently I think...

the pain is definately with the deep penatration (I would actually describe it is a "deep pain").  It feels to my like my pelvis is just very tender (sometimes to the touch) and pelvic exams at the GYN are extremely painful (I am usually in a lot of pain for even a couple days after the exam and usually have some bleeding after).  I never have had abdominal surgery before, and my ultrasound didn't show any tilt.  
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