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Can Anyone relate to my Husband? Lamotrigine Generic brand Issues

Looking for people who can relate to my husband and have a similar story to tell? My husband has been on Lamotrigine for a while now. On 7/30/2019 the brand of his lamotrigine was changed by the pharmacy from Zydus to Unichem. I asked the pharmacy if this would cause an issue and they stated they were the same. However, 21 days after starting this new brand he had a grandmal seizure in our car. We are grateful he is alive and was not injured. In addition no one else was hurt or injured. However 3 days later we realize this could have been avioded if his brand of Lamotrigine never would have been switched. Our car is totaled and we are having to deal with medical bills from the ER and the ambulance ride.

Looking back we should have realized there was an issue. He had an anger spell only 10 days after being on the medicaiton and he was sleeping so much more often, plus he was itchy. At the time of these occurances I thought it was just life. He just woke up having a bad day, his work load was making him tired, and he was itchy because the dogs had fleas. My husband said he felt different but didnt think of the meds being the cause and didnt say nothing because he was scared to worry me to much.

Now we have an agreement that he tells me when he experiences off feelings. The thing is though all our pain and anguish could have been avioded if the pharmacy would have said there was a possible difference. In addition I have researched and cant really do anything to hold the pharmacy, or the Pharmeutical company accountable. I have done the research though and found others that stated Lamortrigine by Unichem was not as effective and I even found a guy who had two grandma seizures. FDA says things like this are under reported.

Does anyone relate to this story??? Is my husband and me the only one that feels like this is a fail of policy and procedures???
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