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Depakote and Hair Loss

My son is 25 and has seizure disorder. This past Thanksgiving,  he had a total of 5 seizures over 24 hours necessitating a hospital visit and stay. They put him on a third seizure medication (Lamotrigine). I spoke with a neurologist at USF who didn't like that a 3rd medication was added before his previous two were maxed out--he was already on Keppra (max dosage) and Depakote (sprinkles--very low dose), so she titrated him up on the Depakote so we could get rid of the Lamotrigine. Well, that worked. He's now on Keppra and Depakote only, we dropped the Lamotrigine a few months ago. His Depakote dose is currently 1000mg in the AM and 1500mg PM. The good news is that his seizures seem to have stopped--no seizures since Thanksgiving (7 months, the longest he has gone without)--but recently had complained to me about being "bald" so when I was helping him wash his hair, I did notice that his hair, which was once extremely thick, almost to the point of too thick, is now very thin and, while no actual "bald" spots, it is very thin on the top of his head. I started giving him collagen supplements to hopefully help with the hair growth again but it's only been about a week and hasn't kicked in yet. Is this really a side effect? Anybody have any suggestions on how to make his hair grow thicker? I don't want his seizures to come back, but I also don't want his hair to keep thinning out. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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