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What can I do for my husband?

My husband just had an episode that he has had multiple times throughout his life. Of the ones I have witnessed this one was different. He was sitting down reclined when he informed me he had feelings of déjà vu. I began watching and observing him. His head went down and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He let out a groan and his arms straightened and fists clenched. His arms and head starting flailing. After about 2 minutes he was returning to his senses feeling very nauseous and dizzy. Prior to this evening he has been seen by a neurologist and all the scans and tests that he has been given have come back normal and they said unless it happened it front of them they didn’t know what to say. Is there anything that I can do to help him with this or is he just stuck having these for the rest of his life not knowing what’s going on?
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Maybe record / document it, so that you can show it in a future appointment?
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His doctor is somewhat correct, an EEG test doesn't always confirm epilepsy or a seizure disorder unless he's having activity related to a seizure at the time of the test.  All of his EEG's and MRI's may show no evidence of seizures, however, that doesn't mean ignore his seizures, he needs treatment.   Sometimes a seizure will leave evidence of a stroke which may or may not show up on an MRI.  It doesn't sound like your husband is having strokes.  He may be having a TIA (minor stroke activity) and an MRI may not show a TIA because they heal quickly.   Find him a good neurologist, board-certified, if possible, unless his current doctor treats his seizures properly.  
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Maybe try another Doctor? I tried several before I got the right dx and treatment.
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