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Diagnosed with EBV but do not have spleen pain, could it be something else?

I've been pretty sick for 2 or so weeks now, I originally thought I had the flu so I didn't end up seeing a doctor since I read there isn't anything they can really prescribe you to get better. But when I felt like I was improving I ended up getting a sore throat which I have had in the past and usually need antibiotics, so I ended up going to urgent care where I was give an antibiotic I took for 2 days but my symptoms seemed to be getting worse. Feeling worse I went back to urgent care where they sent me to the ER due to the possibility of needing to get my throat infection drained. This did not need to happen but at the ER they ran blood tests and I tested positive for EBV. Being a gay male (who does usually use protection but not always in oral cases) I made a point to ask about HIV, but the doctor claimed they dont usually run those tests there since they do not have the instant result test. The one thing that makes me scared is I have not had any spleen discomfort or swelling. Is it possible to have EBV without the spleen symptoms?
Regardless I will be testing for HIV in the near future but to ease my mind I was curious if there are cases of EBV that did not involve an enlarged spleen. (My symptoms have included: fever, sore throat, chills to sweating, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue). Thank you
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Yes its possible not to have spleen pain. i didnt have sore throat too.
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