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Experience Mono/Glandular Fever Dizziness, Anxiety etc

Hi all,

Not so much a question, but i want to share my experience with Mono/Glandular Fever so far, as i've found so many helpful posts online during really hard times that helped me feel a little less worried about my symptoms.

Up until October 2015 i had been an entirely healthy 26 year old with no major health issues. My symptoms began with an irritated throat for about 4-6 weeks beginning early Oct. It wasn't sore at all, just irritated especially when breathing in. I went to see my doctor in mid Nov and she ordered a blood test to check for glandular fever right away.. i thought this seemed ridiculous as i felt completely fine apart from the irritated throat but i went ahead and got the test done. Between the time of the test and getting the results back i started to feel really weird and i knew something was wrong. I became dizzy and off balance, very tired and anxious. When my doctor called me with the positive result for active mono/glandular fever it was a huge relief. I did some research and read that it should all be over in a few weeks.. All of my glands began to swell, one at the back of my neck and sides of neck, armpits and groin. I have not experienced a fever.

It's now been pretty much 4 months since my first symptom of an irritated throat began. The throat irritation has subsided but i have mild throat pain most days, especially at night and always in a different spot. All of my glands are still swollen. This was a concern for me because most information i can find say that they go down within a few weeks. I think i still have active mono as i don't feel like i am recovering yet. My doctor was reassuring and said not to worry as it affects everyone differently and the mono will go when it's run it's course. My doctor herself said she still has an enlarged gland in her neck since having mono at 14 years old. I should also add that when my blood results came back I already had the antibodies to show that i had had a previous mono/glandular fever infection... So this is apparently the second time i've had it. I'll list the various and strange symptoms i've had over the past 4 months:

-Irritated and mildy sore throat
-Off balance/dizzy
-Poor long distance vision
-Episodes of goosebumps with no fever or cold feeling
-Tingling skin sensations in various parts of the body (back and legs mostly)
-Anxiety and i have had a few panic attacks
-Racing heart at times
-Intense sadness/depression
-Intense fatigue
-Digestive upset (gas, mild bloating, soft stools)

Hope this helps anyone with similar symptoms. Fingers crossed it'll be over soon!
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This might be a late reply but I had glandular fever in March 2015 and it was a rollercoaster since then. My liver got inflamed, my heart was racing, body aches, migraine, panick attacks and counting. The reality is that my liver got better after almost a year, same with the migraines and body aches but I was left depressed and anxious and that has taken another two years and I just know after almost three years feel like myself again. I ended up taken antidepressants for anxiety and depression for 10 months so it has been a journey! On a positive note, I did learn a lot about myself and other people during this period. I hope you feel better now and that the post glandular fever symptoms haven’t been to harsh on you. All the best
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I am wondering. How do you feel now? I am 2.5 months into noticeable symptoms and am wondering when I can restart aspects of what used to be my "life." Getting better, but it seems so slow.
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