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Just diagnosed with EPV

EPV, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibermyalgia seem to run heavily in my family so I got tested for EPV because I often get dizzy.  My results are as follows:

EBV VCA IGM: negative
EBV VCA IGG: +1.95

I have no idea what all this means and unfortunately for me, my PCP doesn't seem to either.  I asked her to refer me to a specialist so I can get some questions answered and the referral came in the mail for an oncologist.  

Reading through this forum I am picking up that test results show whether the virus is active or inactive, but haven't learned how to interpret my own results.

I would guess that it would be better to talk to and immunologist rather than an oncologist.  Would this be correct?  If not, what type of physician would be the best to consult with?

I eat healthy, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night but I can tell when I am under stress it really takes a toll on my health.  Therefore, I am looking for ways to treat this condition proactively but don't quite know where to turn.

Any assistance/suggestions is much appreciated.

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First of all the virus is actually EBV not EPV...Ebv stands for the Epstein Barr Virus..My first recommendation would be to read through the wikipedia article on the Virus here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epstein-Barr_virus

Take note that "90–95% of adults have evidence of infection".  So it's not something that is specific to certain heredity.  
Also, I'm confused as too whether or not your doctor pointed you towards the EBV antibody panel or if you were actually given all your lab results and are analyzing them on your own?

As far as the specific meaning of your EBV panel: it shows you've had a past infection with EBV, the same as most people. The results are unremarkable, as your Doctor should have mentioned.
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Also I should add: at one time, a few decades ago, their was speculation that EBV could be the causative agent for fibromiligia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome.  This idea has sense been disproved by recent scientific research.  
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Also, the title of your thread is a bit confusing: "Just diagnosed with EPV"
EBV is not a diagnosis..The test you received just measures a few different anti-bodies that are present after infected with a virus.  For example, if you have antibodies for a flu you had a few years ago in your blood, you wouldn't diagnose yourself as having the flu..

My problem with your title is that you go on to say how your doctor DIDN'T give you a diagnosis.  I'm confused.
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Hello, I would say you're doing pretty much everything possible to prevent chronic EBV.  I also come from a family with a history of CFS, and I have seen some pretty strong links to EBV, so I'm a little less likely to say there's no correlation between the two.  If you really want some good answers, I would say to go to an Infectious Disease Specialist; they should be able to give you a detailed explanation of how these different things are interrelated.
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