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New. Positive EBV. DXed with fibro. Low iron. Help.

Hi all. I’m new here. I’m a 51 yr old woman. I was just recently DXed with chronic EBV. I remember the initial occurrence. It was in September, 2011. I’ve hurt (achiness, warm, chills ever since). At that time I had severe, emotional, mental and physical stress. I had a sore throat, lymph nodes swollen and mild achiness. The pain just got worse over the next month and hung in until this day.

I’ve had numerous DXs. Most were just guesses. Only one was backed up by blood work. Thyrioditis. Ankylosing spondylitis. Psychological. Lymes disease. Hashimoto’s. And finally chronic EBV.

I’m positive on three of the four EBV tests. My iron is low. My ferritin is low. My FT3 and FT4 are barely low normal. I am positive for HLAB27. My blood pressure is high just recently.

I still have night sweats. The worst part is the achiness. It’s nonstop. Way worse in the am. As I “warm up” I’m better. I mean I’ve had four infants naturally. This is as bad or worse than those times. It’s insidious. I can’t exercise or shop or cook. I live on NSAIDs and more recently gabapentin.

It’s been 7 years. I’ve not wanted but considered suicide-just to make the pain stop. I’m not depressed. In fact I love life. I’m a fighter. But after 7 years and this new DX? I’m wore down. The treatment plan is antivirals-both herbal and pharmaceutical. UBI treatments with ozone and boosting my natural defenses with supplements. Also I’m going to IV iron treatments.

I don’t have the strength to do all this driving and purchase the supplements. I don’t want to try anymore. Does anyone here have chronic EBV? Are you sore all the time? Tender muscles and tendons? Nothing on my doesn’t hurt daily. Help...
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Yes, my spine hurts and burns
I’m very weak, can only do the bare minimum
If I try to clean or just keep up with normal everyday tasks it exhausts me.
And you have chronic EBV Carsto? I’m sorry you’re in such pain. I am very spoiled. I really only have to do what I want around the house. My kids are all grown.
Yes, I was diagnosed about 7 years ago.
I had about 14 months of being very sick. I then came upon two books that discussed diet for healing (The Wahls Protocol and The Autoimmune Solution).  These two books changed my life, had about 5 1/2 years of feeling a lot better.   This  January caught the flu and now feel like I’m starting all over.  Hopefully it doesn’t take as long to feel somewhat normal again
Have the natural anti-vitals helped you at all.  I’m too scared to take anything because I have so many sensitivities to different foods and supplements
No Carsto. I’m still in pain each am. I have taken the natural antivuraks and I’ve tecruved 3 of my 4 iron IV treatments. I still take 600mg if gabapentin four times a day. I’m not sure it’s even helping anymore. I start Acyclovir next week. Nothing is helping too much.
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